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    Thanks for posting.  This is a really interesting subject.  A few years ago, I wrote a cookbook for people on limited budgets.  It's called "Cooking for $1.00 per day".  

    One of the problems I ran into after I wrote the book was, for people the problem is not just having access to food.  It's also being able to cook or prepare the food.  If someone is living in their car, they end up eating cold food or already prepared foods.

    I looked into solar cookers, but I haven't yet tried one.  I heard they're great, but they won't work in the dark or rainy days.

    Drawer cooking:  I did hear that in warmer climates like Indonesia, people with limited electricity (or propane) will start up a big pot of soup or some kind of stew (I guess).  Get the pot to boiling, then place the pot in a drawer like the sock drawer, or a drawer surrounded by clothes.  Place the pot in the drawer, cover with clothing.  Close the drawer.  After a certain amount of time __, the soup is done.  Sounds a lot like our version of the Crock pot.  

    Then there's always the camp stove.  It's my understanding you can't use it indoors.  It generates carbon monoxide (poisonous).  I believe it's the same with sterno cookers.  

    Caution is the key word here.

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