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  •  Greetings porch family! (10+ / 0-)

    Hello from snowy Virginia.  Where our legislature has spent the week trying to outdo itself in crazy, racist shenanigans.  If there is any silver lining, perhaps it is in lifting the veil and making the evil so very obvious.  But it's scary.  Truly.

    On my other homefront, the war in Mali continues.  French troops have made some good progress in pushing the terrorist groups back this past week and managed to keep civilian casualties to a minimum.  I'm thinking about trying to write up some kind of diary/roundup on the situation as it's very frustrating how little and how poorly it's being covered in the US media.  If so, hope to see some of you there. :)

    My Friday musical offering which I hope will inspire you as it does me.  Some 40 odd musicians from Mali, of all ethnic and linguistic backgrounds joined together to record a song of unity.  I've provided the English translation below as translated by the always excellent blogger/anthorpologist Bruce Whitehouse.  Please check out his blog entry on this song for some great background and commentary.

    Ensemble: It’s time to speak up about Mali / Artists must speak up about what’s happening to Mali

    Khaïra Harby (from Timbuktu): Men and women of Mali, let’s stand together, our country is not warlike

    Fatoumata Diawara (from Bougouni): What’s happening in Mali? People are in conflict, betraying each other, the fighting doesn’t end / We’re all of the same blood, the same mother / Let’s stand together to make Africa stronger

    Amkoullel (from Mopti): Let’s unite, Malians, and stand strong / Once we do, Maliba [greater Mali], nobody can touch you

    Doussou Bakayoko (from Bougouni): Mali doesn’t belong to those people / The great fatherland will never crumble

    Kasse Mady Diabaté (from Kita): Let’s show the whole world that Maliba is not a country of war / We all share the same father, the same mother

    Sadio Sidibé (from Wassoulou): Mali, Maliba my beautiful country, what’s become of you?

    Baba Salah (from Gao): You were the sun lighting the four corners of the world / Our Mali, dry your tears, we love you

    Soumaila Kanouté (from Kayes): I’ve never seen such a shocking, catastrophic situation / They want to take what doesn’t belong to them / Go tell them that Mali is indivisible, unchangeable

    Master Soumy (from Kayes): Yesterday Mali was like a cigarette butt to be tossed away / We all cried, we all worried / Each day we watch shocking news, it’s unacceptable / We Malians must react or we’ll be the laughingstock of the world

    M’baou Tounkara (from Kita): Mali used to be a sweet country / Since the conflict began, Malians have suffered so

    Oumou Sangaré (from Wassoulou): Listen well! If we don’t get ready, our grandchildren will be ashamed tomorrow / They will suffer tomorrow

    Koko Dembélé (from Mopti): As long as there’s life, there’s hope / Children of Mali, rise up!

    Babani Koné (from Segou): [...] What future will the women and children have in this country? I’m worried, afraid / Let’s not kill one another, we share the same blood

    Afel Bocoum (from Timbuktu): The only way out of this crisis is the path of understanding

    Iba One (from Mopti): Malians let’s unite, that’s how our country will advance / War cannot resolve anything [...]

    Tiken Jah (from Côte d’Ivoire): Mali all united, Mali indivisible / Peace is priceless

    Fati Kouyaté (from Kayes): War doesn’t distinguish between men, women and children / War only knows regret / We are not accustomed to war

    Kisto Dem (from Bamako): Who could have imagined our fatherland Mali turning out this way? Just when Malians were getting it together, others brought us war / In the north, the children are hungry and thirsty, our women have become chattel / Living under the rule of force / Now it’s just about survival

    Mamadou Diabaté a.k.a. « 21 DG » (from Kayes): Maliba, as our ancestors called you, don’t stay on your knees, rise up and fight to honor your ancestors

    Mariam Doumbia (from Bougouni): If we stand together, enemies can’t hurt us, other countries won’t laugh at us

    Ahmed Ag Kaedi (from Kidal): Mali is like a great tree, there’s room for all of us in its shade

    Oumou Sangaré: If we don’t get ready we’ll lose our country / If we don’t get it together we will live in shame / I’m talking to our politicians, to our soldiers

    Habib Koité (from Kayes): Malians, unity makes us strong! / We can’t let our great land slip away from us / This land of great men

    Djeneba Seck (from Bamako): Africa, Europe, Mali / Let’s unite, have mercy on one another, act in unison / That is what is best about Maliba

    Vieux Farka Touré (from Timbuktu): Wake up! We’re one family, let’s stand together

    Mylmo (from Nioro du Sahel): We’re so respected around the world, why fight amongst ourselves in front of everyone? / Sunjata Keita and our country’s heroes left us their values, we mustn’t abandon them

    Amadou Bagayoko and Mariam Doumbia (from Bougouni): Let’s work together, war is bad, conflict is an ugly thing / If we stand together, life will be better, friendship will be better / Let’s help each other out

    Nahawa Doumbia (from Bougouni): We want peace, peace / Peace in Mali / Peace in Africa / In the whole world, peace

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