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View Diary: Even JPL Presenters Treat Boys and Girls Differently (267 comments)

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  •  Hundreds of studies on academic bias show the same (7+ / 0-)

    And another thing is, girls are forced to mature far past the mental age their male counterparts are even when they're very little. The whole saying "To get what's in a man's grasp a woman must be at least be twice as good and work four times as hard" is not only absolutely true but you see many effects at work, culturally:

    - Boy gets (as was literally shown in the example in the diary) coddled, applauded, tended to, gets all the attention and praise and thus develops the (over)confidence that makes him likely to expect more for less personal effort or commitment in life.

    - Girl has lived through this since she first became aware of her surroundings - and internalizes it of course rather than pointing to a factor outside of herself, creating a self-identity of inferiority because she can obviously compare the reaction she elicits to that of the boys'. She's forced to learn the hard ways of the world from very early on and (again as in the diary) doesn't get as much praise or even attention when she's much more sophisticated and intelligent than the male sitting beside her.

    It's also a fact that girls generally develop quicker when it comes to reasoning skills, logic, social interactions and maturity than boys when they're under the age of 14-15 and one can speculate that this is even so without the endemic sexism. On top of the physical obstruction caused by systemic misogyny that causes women to never be within reach of what men who are mediocre or worse can receive easily we have a world that, from the most formative years on, mass-molds women to feel inferior, to doubt themselves at every turn, to feel like they can't be good at anything but their restrictive gender role (generally this is confined to being "pretty", being remotely emotionally intelligent and being a "good mother and housekeeper"). Not only IS society literally created and arranged so it can cater as effectively to men as possible, little boys get fed that input that makes them feel like this is the most normal thing in the world and thus have even less incentive to change it when they grow up.

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    •  very well said (2+ / 0-)
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      You could see the boy, as well as the presenter, playing off each other. It really made the boy super excited to the point he said some stupid things.  But we're expected to take that type of behavior from boys.

    •  Yes, and the result is boys who grow up and (1+ / 0-)
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      expect this kind of treatment and are ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGED when they are not pandered to.  They completely lose it, all while insisting that everything has always been done fairly, when "fairly" = they go first, they get extra turns, and they get extra credit for less work.

      This is part of why there's a subset of men who blow a gasket when any woman points out he's been coasting.  Because deep down he knows he has, but he doesn't want to face it.  There are even some of those types right here on this blog, minimizing, gainsaying, and shushing women who discuss anything that makes them uncomfortable.

      The little boy in this diary is well on his way to the Lowest Difficulty Setting.

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