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        With no mean feelings, Lt Powers ...
        I just think this is funny. ;-)

        J3  Director(ate) of Operations
        J4  Logistics Directorate
        J5  Director(ate) of Plans, Policy, and Programs
        J6  (1) Director(ate) of Command, Control, Communications; (2) Director(ate) of Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems
        J7  Joint Operational Plans Staff
        J8  Director(ate) of Resource Management
        JA  Judge Advocate (General)
        JAADS  Joint Allied Air Defense System
        JAAT  Joint Air Attack Team
        JAC  Joint Analysis Center
        JACC/CP  Joint Airborne Communications Center/Command Post
        JAD  Joint Assessment Data
        JAEIC  Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
        JAG  Judge Advocate General
        JAI  Joint Administrative Instruction
        JAIEG  Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group
        JAIS  Japan Air Intelligence System
        JAIS-PAC  Joint Area Information system-USPACOM
        JAMIP  Joint Analytic Model Improvement Program
        JAN  Joint Army-Navy
        JANAF  Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication
        JANAP  Joint Army/Navy Publication
        JAO  Joint Area of Operations
        JAOC  Joint Air Operations Center
        JAOP  Joint Air Operations Plan
        JAPC  Joint Attrition and Penetration Committee
        JAR  JIC Analysis Report
        JARCC  Joint Air Reconnaissance Control Center
        JARIC  (1) Joint Aerial Reconnaissance Intelligence Center; (2) Joint Air Reconnaissance Interpretation Center (UK)
        JAROC  (B) Joint Allied Refugee Operations Center (Berlin)
        JARP  Joint Aerospace Reserve Program
        JASDF  Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces
        JASORS  Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System
        JASPO  Joint Airborne SIGINT Program Office
        JASS  Joint Airborne SIGINT System
        JAST  Joint Advanced Strike Technology Program
        JATCCCS  Joint Advanced Tactical C3 System
        JAWS  (1) Joint Analytical Workstation; (2) Joint Advanced Weapons System; (3) JDISS-Army Workstation
        JBS  (1) Joint Base Station; (2) Joint Broadcast Service
        J2C  CIA Liaison
        JC2WC  Joint C2 Warfare Center
        JCAT  (1) Joint Crisis Action Team; (2) Joint Crisis Analysis Tool
        JCC  Joint Coordination Center
        JCCC  Joint Communications Control Center
        JCCOC  Joint Communications & Control Operational Concept
        JCCWC  Joint Command and Control Warfare Center
        JCET   Joint/Combined Exercises for Training
        JCEOI  Joint CEOI
        JCF  Joint Communications Facility
        JCISB  Joint Counterintelligence Support Branch
        JCISOC  Joint CI Staff Officer’s Course
        JCMC  (1) Joint Crisis Management Capability; (2) Joint Crisis Management Center
        JCMEC  Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center
        JCMO  Joint Collection Management Office
        JCMOTF  Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force
        JCMPO  Joint Cruise Missile Project Office
        JCMST  Joint Collection Management Support Tool (renamed JCMT)
        JCMT  Joint Collection Management Tool
        JCNJSIC  Center Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base (CMAFB) Node
        JCNICC  Joint Counternarcotics Intelligence Coordination Center
        JCP  Joint Congressional Committee on Printing
        JCPES  Joint Chiefs Planning and Execution System
        JCPX  Joint Command Post Exercise
        JCRC  Joint Casualty Resolution Center
        JCS  Joint Chiefs of Staff
        JCSAN  JCS Alert Network
        JCSAR  Joint Combat Search and Rescue
        JCSE  (1) Joint Communications Support Element; (2) Joint Contingency Support Element
        JCSM  Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
        JCSS  (1) Japan Combat Support System; (2) Joint Communications Support Squadron
        JCTG-ME  Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness
        J2D  DIA Liaison
        JDA  (1) Joint Deployment Agency; (2) Japan Defense Agency; (3) Joint Duty Assignment
        JDAC  Joint District Area Command
        JDAL  Joint Duty Assignment List
        JDAM   Joint Direct Attack Munition
        JDC  Joint Debriefing Center
        J-DEC  JICPAC-Detachment Japan
        JDEC  Joint Document Exploitation Center
        JDF  Joint Development Facility
        JDGW  Joint Digital Geopositioning Workstation
        JDIA  Joint Digital Intelligence Assessment
        JDIPC  Joint Deployable Imagery Production Center
        JDISS  (1) Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System; (2) Joint Defense Intelligence Support Services
        JDISS-C  Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System-CENTCOM
        JDISS-S  Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System-SOCOM or
        JDIVS  Joint Deployable Intelligence Video/Data System
        JDMAG  Joint Deployable Maintenance Analysis Group
        JDS  Joint Deployment System
        JDSS  Joint Decision Support System
        JDSIR  Joint Deployment System Incident Reporting System
        JDSSC  Joint Data System Support Center
        JEAP  (1) Joint Electronic Analysis Program; (2) Joint Electronic Analysis Position
        JEC  Joint Economic Committee
        JECC(G)  Joint Exercise Control Center (Group)
        JECG  Joint Exercise Control Group
        JECM  Joint Electronic Countermeasures
        JEEP  Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan
        JEIO  Joint Engineering and Interoperability Organization
        JEFPROS  JAC EUCOM Force Protection Summary
        JEIR  JAC EUCOM Intelligence Review
        JEL  Joint Electronic Library
        JEM  Joint Exercise Manual
        JES  JDISS Embedded Support
        JESS  Joint Exercise Support System
        JET  JWICS Earth Terminal
        JETDS  Joint Electronics Designation System
        JEWC  Joint Electronic Warfare Center
        JFACC  Joint Force Air Component Commander
        JFC  (1) Joint Fusion Center; (2) Joint Force Commander
        JFFC  Joint Force Fires Coordinator
        JFFSC  Joint Force Fire Support Coordinator
        JFI  Joint Force Integrator
        JFIC  Joint Force Interdiction Coordinator
        JFITL  Joint Force Integrator Task List
        JFK CTRMA  John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance
        JFLCC  Joint Force Land Component Commander
        JLOTS  Joint Logistics Over the Shore
        JFM  Joint Force Memorandum
        JFMCC  Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
        JFMO  Joint Frequency Management Office
        JFSOCC  Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander
        JGITSS  Joint General Intelligence Training System Subarchitecture
        JGSDF  Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces
        JIATF  Joint InterAgency Task Force
        JIATF-E  Joint InterAgency Task Force - East
        JIATF-W  Joint InterAgency Task Force - West
        JIB  Joint Intelligence Bureau (Commonwealth Countries)
        JIC  (1) Joint Intelligence Center; (2) Joint Interrogation Center; (3) Joint Intelligence Cell
        JIC-E  Joint Intelligence Center-Europe
        JIC-SOUTH  Joint Intelligence Center-U.S. SOUTHCOM
        JIC-2000  Designation of JICSOUTH upon movement to CONUS
        JICEUR  Joint Intelligence Center Europe
        JICPAC  Joint Intelligence Center Pacific
        JICREP  Joint Intelligence Center Report
        JICTRANS  Joint Intelligence Center for Transportation
        JIEO  Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization (DISA)
        JIEP  Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning
        JIF  Joint Interrogation Facility
        JIFF  Joint Interdiction of Follow-on Forces
        JIIKS  Joint Imagery Interpretation Key Structure
        JIIM  Joint Intelligence Information Management
        JILE  Joint Intelligence Liaison Element
        JIM  JESS Intelligence Model
        JINTACCS  Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems
        JINTC  Joint Intelligence Task Force
        JIO  Joint Intelligence Organization
        JIOC  Joint Intelligence Operations Center
        JIPC  Joint Imagery Production Center
        JIPTL  Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List
        JISA  Joint Intelligence Support Architecture
        JISAD  JTF Intelligence Support Architecture Document
        JISC  (1) Joint Intelligence Support Center; (2) Joint Intelligence Support Concept
        JISE  Joint Intelligence Support Element
        JISI  Joint Intelligence System Integration
        JISS  Japan Intelligence Support System
        JITAP  Joint Intelligence Training Activity Pacific
        JITC  Joint Interoperability Test Center (DISA)
        JITF  Joint Integration Testing Facility
        JIVA  Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture
        JLA  Joint Logistics Assessment
        JLARG  Joint Logistics Assessment Review Group
        JL-COE  Joint Logistics Center of Excellence
        JLD  Joint Liaison Detachment
        JLE  Jammer Locator Electronics
        JLMIS  Joint Logistics Management Information System
        JLOTS  Joint Logistics Over the Shore
        JLPPG  Joint Logistics and Personnel Policy and Guidance
        JLRC  Joint Logistics Readiness Center
        J4/LRC  Joint Logistics Readiness Center
        JLREID  Joint Long-Range Estimating Intelligence Document (JSPS)
        JLRSA  Joint Long-Range Strategic Appraisal
        JLSP  Joint Logistics Steering Panel
        JM  Joint Mission
        JMA  (1) Joint Mobilization Augmentation; (2) Joint Mission Analysis
        JMAT  Joint Mobility Assistance Team
        JMC  Joint Movement Center
        JMCC  (1) Joint MC&G Coordination Center; (2) Joint Mobile Command Center
        JMCIS  Joint Maritime Command Information System
        JMEM  Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
        JMENS  Joint Mission Element Needs Statement
        JMETL  (1) Joint Mission Essential Target List; (2) Joint Mission Essential Task List
        JMI  JTIDS Modular AOC Integration System
        JMIC  Joint Military Intelligence College
        JMICS  JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System
        JMIE  Joint Maritime Information Element
        JMIE/JEM  JMIE Support System and Modernization
        JMINI  Joint UHF MILSATCOM Network Integrated
        JMIP  Joint Military Intelligence Program
        JMISE  Joint Military Intelligence Support Element
        JMITC  Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
        JMNS  Joint Mission Needs Statement
        JMO  Joint Management Office
        JMOCC  Joint Mobile Operations Command Center
        JMP  (1) Joint Manpower Program; (2) Joint Mobilization Program
        JMPAB  Joint Material Priorities Allocation Board
        JMPP  Joint Munitions Production Panel
        JMRR  Joint Military Readiness Review
        JMSDF  Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
        JMSIP  Joint Modeling and Simulation Integration Program
        JMSNS  Justification for Major System New Start
        JMST  Joint Management Support Tool
        JMTB  Joint Military Transportation Board
        JMTG  (1) Joint Military Terminology Group; (2) Joint Master Training Guide
        JMTK  Joint Mapping Tool Kit
        JNACC  Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center
        JNAF  Yugoslavia National Air Force
        JNC  Jet Navigation Chart
        JNC-A  Jet Navigation Chart-Air
        JNIDS  (1) Joint National Intelligence Dissemination System; (2) Joint National Intelligence Development Staff
        JNPE  Joint Nuclear Planning Element
        JOA  Joint Operations Area
        JOC  Joint Operations Center
        JOC/INT  Joint Operations Center/Intelligence Team
        JOG  Joint Operations Graphic
        JOG-A  Joint Operations Graphic-Air
        JOG-C  Joint Operations Graphic-Combined
        JOG-G  Joint Operations Graphic-Ground
        JOG-R  Joint Operations Graphic-Radar
        JOIC  Joint Operational Intelligence Center/Cell
        JOIN  Joint Operations Intelligence Network
        JOINT REDTRAIN  Joint Readiness Training
        Joint STARS  Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
        JOP  Joint Operating Procedure
        JOPES  Joint Operations Planning and Execution System
        JOPS  Joint Operational Planning System
        JOS  Joint Operational Stocks
        JOSE  Joint Operations Support Element
        JOTS  Joint Operational Tactical System
        JP  (1) Jet Petroleum; (2) Joint Publication
        JPAM  Joint Program Assessment Memorandum
        JPAT  Joint Planning and Assistance Team
        JPD  Joint Planning Document
        JPEA  Joint Planning and Exercise Activity
        JPEC  Joint Planning and Execution Community
        JPL  Jet Propulsion Laboratory

        and more jargon where these came from!

        Military Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronym Finder
        This site contains a comprehensive list of U.S military acronyms and abbreviations.

        A2  Air Force Intelligence Staff Officer (component level)
        AA  (1) Attack Assessment; (2) Attrition Analysis; (3) Antiaircraft; (4) Avenue of Approach; (5) Automatic Associator
        AAA  (1) Antiaircraft Artillery; (2) Air Avenue of Approach
        AAAOB  Antiaircraft Artillery Order of Battle
        AABNCP  Advanced Airborne National Command Post
        AAC  Alaskan Air Command
        AACB  Aeronautics and Astronautics Coordinating Board
        AACE  Army Alternate Command and Control Element
        AACOMS  Army Area Communications System
        AACS  Attitude and Antenna Control Subsystem
        AAD  Airborne Assault Division
        AADC  (1) Army Air Defense Command; (2) Area Air Defense Commander
        AADCCS  Area Air Defense Command and Control System
        AADP  Area Air Defense Plan
        AADS  Antiaircraft Defense System
        AAE  Army Acquisition Executive
        AAF  Army Airfield
        AAFES  Army & Air Force Exchange Service
        AAFIF  Automated Air Facilities Information File
        AAG  Army Artillery Group
        AAI  Air-to-Air Intercept
        AAIFF  Air-to-Air Identification Friend or Foe
        AAM  Air-to-Air Missile
        AAO  Analysis of the Area of Operations
        AAR  (1) Active Array Radar; (2) After Action Report
        AAS  Analyst Automation Segment
        AASLT  Air Assault
        AATS  Automated Architecture Tool Suite
        AAVS  Aerospace Audiovisual Service
        AAW  Anti Air Warfare
        AAWC  Anti Air Warfare Commander
        AB  Air Base
        AB2  Air Battle Command System (ABCS) Brigade and Below
        ABC  Airborne Corps
        ABCCC  Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
        ABCOMM  Alternate/Backup Communications
        ABCS  Army Battle Command System
        ABIC  Army Battlefield Interface Concept
        ABIT  (1) Airborne Imagery Transmission; (2) Airborne Information Transmission Program
        ABM  (1) Antiballistic Missile; (2) Automatic Building Machines
        ABMA  Army Ballistic Missile Agency
        ABN/Abn  Airborne
        ABNCP  (1) Airborne Command Post; (2) Airborne National Command Post
        ABR  Available Bit Rate
        ABW  Air Base Wing
        AC  (1) Air Crew; (2) Active Component; (3) Air Conditioning; (4) Alternating Current
        A/C  Aircraft
        A2C2  Army Airspace Communications and Control
        AC-130  AFSOF Spectre Gunship
        AC2SMAN  Alaskan Command and Control System Military utomated Network
        AC2MP  Army Command and Control Master Plan
        ACA  (1) Alternate Command Authority; (2) Airspace Control Authority
        ACAAM  Air Courses of Action Assessment Model
        ACACS  Army Command and Area Communications System
        ACAT  Acquisition Category
        ACC  (1) Access Control Center; (2) Air Control Center; (3) Aviation omponent Commander, (4) Air Component Commander, (5) Air Combat Command; (6) Army Component Command
        ACCB  Army Configuration Control Board
        ACCHAN  Allied Command Channel
        ACCIS  Allied Command and Control Information System
        ACCISS  (1) Automated Command and Control Intelligence upport System; (2) Alaskan C2 Intelligence Support System
        ACCO  Army Central Control Office
        ACCS  (1) Airborne Command and Control Squadron; (2) Airborne Command and Control System; (3) Advanced Communications Control System
        ACDA  Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
        ACDS  Advanced Combat Direction system
        ACDUTRA  Active Duty Training
        ACE  (1) Allied Command, Europe; (2) Advance Communications Element; (3) Aviation Combat Element; (4) Analysis Control
        Element; (5) Assistant Corps of Engineers; 6) Airborne Command Element
        ACES  Automated Command and Control Evaluation System
        ACEVAL  Air Combat Evaluation
        ACF  Alternate Command Facility
        ACFT  Aircraft
        ACI  Airborne Controlled Intercept
        ACINT  Acoustic Intelligence
        ACIS  Arms Control Intelligence Staff
        ACL  Access Control List
        ACLANT  Allied Commander Atlantic
        ACO  (1) Access Control Officer; (2) Airspace Control Officer
        ACOC  (1) Area Communications Operations Center; (2) Air Combat Operations Center
        ACOM  Atlantic Command
        ACOS  Assistant Chief of Staff
        ACOS/I  Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (Navy)
        ACOUSTINT  Acoustical Intelligence
        ACP  (1) Alternate Command Post; (2) Assault CP; (3) Allied Communications Publications; (4) Airspace Control Plan
        ACPERS  Army Civilian Personnel System
        ACQ  Acquisition
        ACR  (1) Armored Cavalry Regiment; (2) Automated Change Recognition
        ACS  (1) Afloat Correlation System; (2) Aerial Common Sensor; (3) AUTODIN Switching Center; (4) Airborne COMINT System; (5) Assistant Chief of Staff
        ACS/I  Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
        ACSA  Allied Communications Security Agency
        ACSB  Amphibious Contingency Support Briefs
        ACSC  Air Command and Staff College
        ACSI  Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence, HQ USAF
        ACT  (1) Air Combat Tactics; (2) Advanced Concepts and Technology Program
        ACTD  Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
        ACTEDS  Army Civilian Training, Education, & Development System
        ACTS  (1) Advanced Communications Technology; (2) Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
        ACUS  (1) Area Common User Systems; (2) Army Common User System
        ACV  (1) Armored Command Vehicle; (2) Air Cushion Vehicle; (3) Armored Combat Vehicle
        ACW  (1) Aircraft Control and Warning; (2) Anticarrier Warfare; (3) Air Control Wing
        AD  (1) Air Defense; (2) Destroyer Tender; (3) Air Division; 4) Artillery Division; (5) Active Duty
        A/D  Analog/Digital
        ADA  Air Defense Artillery
        ADACP  Alcohol & Drug Abuse Control Program
        ADAPCP  Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Program
        ADAPT  Automated Decisionmaking and Program Timeline
        ADARS  Army Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement
        ADATS  Air Defense Antitank System
        ADBT  Advanced Data Base Technology
        ADC  (1) Aide-de-Camp; (2) Air Direction Center; (3) Assistant Division Commander; (4) Air Data Computer; (5) Air Defense Coordinator
        ADCAP  Advanced Capability
        ADCC  Air Defense Command Center
        ADCCP  Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
        ADCOM  (1) Aerospace Defense Command (now SPACECOM); (2) Administrative Command
        ADCON  Administrative Control
        ADCSOPS  Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
        ADD  (1) Air Defense District; (2) Assistant Deputy Director (DIA)
        ADDIS  Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery System
        ADDISS  Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System
        ADDO  Associate Deputy Director of Operations
        ADDO(MA)  Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Military Affairs (DIA)
        ADDO(MS)  Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Military Support (NSA)
        ADDS  Army Data Distribution System
        ADDU  Additional Duty
        ADE  (1) Audio Deception Emitter; (2) Aerial Delivery Equipment
        ADEW  Airborne Directed Energy Weapons
        ADF  Automatic Direction Finding
        ADFH  Air Deployable Forward Headquarters
        ADG  Deperming Ship
        ADI  Air Defense Initiative
        ADIC  Aerospace Defense Intelligence Center
        ADIEC  Army Deployable Imagery Exploitation Capability
        ADIO  Additional Duty Intelligence Officer
        ADISS  Advanced Defense Intelligence Support System
        ADIZ  Air Defense Identification Zone
        ADL  (1) Ada Design Language; (2) Armistice Demarcation Line
        ADLP  Advanced Datalink Protocol
        ADM  (1) Atomic Demolition Munitions; (2) Advanced Development Model; (3) Acquisition Decision Memorandum Admin Administration/Administrative
        ADN  ACE DGZ Number (NATO)
        ADNET  Antidrug Network
        ADOC  Air Defense Operations Center
        ADP  (1) Automated Data Processing; (2) Airborne Data Processing
        ADP-MIS  Automated Data Processing Management Information System
        ADP-T  (1) Automated Data Processing and Associated Telecommunications; (2) Automated Data Processing and
        Associated Training
        ADPCM  Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation
        ADPE  Automated Data Processing Equipment
        ADPS  (1) ASARS Deployable Processing Station; (2) Automated Data Processing System
        ADPSSM  Automated Data Processing Systems Security Manual
        ADPSSO  ADP Special Security Officer
        ADPSSP  Automated Data Processing System Security Program
        ADRG  Advanced Digitized Raster Graphics
        ADRI  Arc Digital Raster Imagery
        ADS  (1) Automated Data System; (2) Air Defense Sector; (3) Airlift Defensive System; (4) Acoustic SOF Detection
        System; (5) Advanced Distributed Simulation
        ADSS  Aerospace Defense Systems Subcommittee
        ADSTAR  Advanced Document Storage & Retrieval System
        ADSW  Active Duty for Special Work
        ADT  (1) Active Duty For Training; (2) Additional Duty Training
        ADTLP  Army Doctrine and Training Literature Program
        ADTOC  Air Defense Tactical Operations Center
        ADTS  Adversary Threat Squadron
        ADV  Advance(d)
        ADVAL  Air Defense Evaluation Test
        ADVON  Advanced Echelon
        ADW  Air Defense Warning
        ADX  Air Defense Exercise
        ADZ  Air Defense Zone
        AE  (1) Atomic Energy; (2) Assault Echelon; (3) Ammunition Ship; (4) Aerial Exploitation; Application Entity
        AEAO  Airborne Emergency Action Officer
        AEB  Aerial Exploitation Battalion
        AEC  ASARS Exploitation Cell
        AEDS  Atomic Energy Detection System
        AEELS  (1) Automatic ELINT Emitter Location System; (2) Airborne ELINT Emitter Location System
        AEICC  Area Emergency Information Coordination Center
        AEM  Missile Tender
        AEMS  Automated Edge Measurement System
        AEN  Arbitrary ELINT Notation
        AEOS  Advanced Electro-Optical Sensor
        AEROFLOT  Former Soviet Union Civil Airline
        AES  (1) Atomic Energy Site; (2) Airborne ELINT System
        AESC  Aerospace Environmental Support Center
        AETC  Air Education and Training Command
        AETCAE  Army Europe Technical Control and Analysis Element
        AEV  Armored Engineer Vehicle
        AEW  Airborne Early Warning
        AEW&C  Airborne Early Warning and Control
        AF  (1) Air Force; (2) Armed Forces; (3) Stores Ship
        AFAC  Airborne Forward Air Controller
        AF ACSI  Air Force Chief of Staff Intelligence
        AFAITC  Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center (Goodfellow AFB, TX).
        AFAL  Air Force Armament Laboratory
        AFAMPE  USAF Automated Message Processing Exchange
        AFAMRL  Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
        AFAP  Artillery-Fired Atomic Projectile
        AFARN  Air Force Air Request Net
        AFAS  Advanced Field Artillery System
        AFATDS  Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
        AFB  (1) Air Force Base; (2) Airframe Bulletin; (3) Antifriction Bearing
        AFC  (1) Automatic Frequency Control; (2) All-source Fusion Center (Marine Corps)
        AFC4A  USAF Command, Control, Communications and Computer Agency
        AFCA  Air Force Collection Assets
        AFCC  (1) Air Force Communications Command; (2) Air Force Component Command
        AFCEA  Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association
        AFCENT  Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO)
        AFCS  (1) Automatic Flight Control System; (2) Army Facility Component System
        AFCSC  Air Force Cryptologic Support Center
        AFDB  Auxiliary Floating Drydock (large)
        AFDD  Air Force Doctrine Document
        AFDIGS  Air Force Digital Graphic Systems
        AFDL  Auxiliary Floating Drydock (small)
        AFDM  Auxiliary Floating Drydock (medium)
        AFDT  AEELS Fixed Downlink Terminal
        AFEOC  Air Force Emergency Operations Center
        AFEWC  Air Force Electronic Warfare Center
        AFFIS  Airfield Facilities Information System
        AFFOR  Air Force (Component) Forces
        AFGCCS  USAF Global Command and Control System
        AFGL  Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
        AFGWC  Air Force Global Weather Central
        AFGWC/FNOC  Air Force Global Weather Center/Fleet Numerical perations Center
        AFGWS  Air Force Ground Weather Stations
        AFIA  Air Force Intelligence Agency
        AFIC  (1) Air Force Information Center; (2) Air Force Intelligence Command; (3) Air Force Intelligence Center
        AFICE  Air Forces Iceland
        AFICP  Air Force Intelligence Communications Plan
        AFIES  Armed Forces Imagery Exploitation System
        AFIISP  Air Force Intelligence Information Systems Plan
        AFIO  Association of Former Intelligence Officers
        AFIP  Air Force Intelligence Plan
        AFIS  Air Force Intelligence Service/Study
        AFISA  Air Force Intelligence Support Agency
        AFIT  Air Force Institute of Technology
        AFITC  Air Force Intelligence Training Center
        AFIWC  Air Force Information Warfare Center
        AFLAN  AFSOC Local/Wide Area Network
        AFLANT  U.S. Air Forces, Atlantic
        AFLC  Air Force Logistics Command
        AFLE  Air Force Liaison Element
        AFLO  Air Force Liaison Office
        AFM  Air Force Manual
        AFMD/GF  Air Forces of the Military District/Group of Forces
        AFMC  Air Force Materiel Command
        AFMIC  Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center
        AFMPC  Air Force Military Personnel Center
        AFMSIS  Air Force Modeling and Simulation Information System
        AFMSS  Air Force Mission Support System
        AFNET  (1) Air Force Network; (2) Air Force Data Network
        AFNORTH  Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)
        AFNORTHWEST  (1) Allied Forces Northwest Europe (NATO); (2) Air Forces Northwest Region
        AFOC  Air Force Operations Center
        AFOE  Assault Follow-On Echelon
        AFOSI  Air Force Office of Special Investigations
        AFOSP  Air Force Office of Security Police
        AFOSR  Air Force Office of Scientific Research
        AFOTEC  Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
        AFR  (1) Air Force Reserve; (2) Air Force Regulation
        AFRES  Air Force Reserve
        AFS  (1) Air Force Station; (2) Combat Stores Ship
        AFSAA  Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency
        AFSAC  Air Force Special Activities Center
        AFSAT  Air Force Satellite
        AFSATCOM  Air Force Satellite Communications System
        AFSC  (1) Air Force Systems Command; (2) Air Force Specialty Code; (3) Armed Forces Staff College
        AFSCOORD  Assistant Fire Support Coordinator
        AFSCF  Air Force Satellite Control Facility
        AFSCN  Air Force Satellite Control Network
        AFSIP  Air Force Satellite Intelligence Program
        AFSOB  Air Force Special Operations Base
        AFSOC  Air Force Special Operations Command
        AFSOD  Air Force Special Operations Detachment
        AFSOE  Air Force Special Operations Element
        AFSOF  Air Force Special Operations Forces
        AFSOS  Air Force Special Operations School
        AFSOUTH  Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO)
        AFSOUTHCOM  Air Force Southern Command
        AFSPACECOM  Air Force Space Command
        AFSPC  Air Force Space Command
        AFSPCIP  Air Force Space Command Intelligence Plan
        AFSPOC  Air Force Space Operations Center
        AFSSE  Air Force Space Surveillance Element
        AFSST  Air Force Space Support Team
        AFSTC  Air Force Space Technology Center
        AFTAC  Air Force Technical Applications Center
        AFTACIES  Air Force Tactical Imagery Exploitation System
        AFTF   Air Force Task Force
        AFTFWC  Air Force Tactical Fighter Weapons Center
        AFV  Armored Fighting Vehicle
        AF/VC  Air Force Vice Chief of Staff
        AFWAL  Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
        AFWARNS  Air Force Warning System
        AFWCCS  Air Force Wing Command and Control System
        AFWL  Air Force Weapons Laboratory
        AG  (1) Adjutant General; (2) Miscellaneous Auxiliary Ship
        AGARD  Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (NATO)
        AGB  Icebreaker
        AGC  Automatic Gain Control
        AGCCS  Army’s Global Command and Control System
        AGDS  Deep Submergence Support Ship
        AGE  Experimental Auxiliary
        AGEF  Frigate Research Ship
        AGEH  Experimental Auxiliary (Hydrofoil)
        AGER  Intelligence Research Ship
        AGES  Advanced Ground Exploitation System
        AGF  Miscellaneous Command Ship
        AGHS  Patrol Combatant Support Ship
        AGI  Intelligence Collection Ship
        AGL  (1) Buoy Tender; (2) Above Ground Level
        AGM  (1) Air-to-Ground Missile; (2) Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
        AGMR  Major Communications Relay Ship
        AGMS  Armored Ground Mobility System
        AGOR  Oceanographic Research Ship
        AGOS  (1) Ocean Surveillance Ship; (2) Air-Ground Operations School NATO); (3) Air-Ground Operations System
        AGP  Patrol Craft Tender
        AGR  Army Guard Reserve
        AGS  (1) Hydrographic Survey Ship; (2) FSU Automatic Grenade Launcher
        AGT  Agent
        AGZ  Actual Ground Zero
        AH  (1) Hospital Ship; (2) Alternate Headquarters
        AHFEWS  Army High Frequency Electronic Warfare System
        AI  (1) Airborne Intercept; (2) Air Intelligence; (3) Artificial Intelligence; (4) Air Interdiction; (5) Airborne Interceptors; (6) Area of
        Interest; (7) All-Source Intelligence
        A3I  Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
        AIA  (1) Army Intelligence Agency; (2) ACE Intelligence Architecture; (3) ACE Interface Architecture; (4) Air Intelligence Agency
        AIAA  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
        AIA/IRD  Air Intelligence Agency/Intelligence Reserve Detachment
        AIAWS  Automated Intelligence Analyst Workstation
        AIB  Atlantic Intelligence Board
        AIC  (1) Atlantic Intelligence Command; 2) Afloat Intelligence Center
        AICBM  Anti-Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
        AID  (1) U.S. Agency for International Development; (2) Aerospace Information Digest; (3) Army Information Digest;
        (4) Accident, Incident, Deficiencies; 5) Active Integral Defense
        AIDES  (1) Analyst Intelligence Information Display and exploitation System; (2) Automated Intelligence Display and
        Exploitation System
        AIDS  (1) Acoustic Intelligence Data System; (2) Advanced Identification System; (3) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
        AIF  (1) Automated Installations Intelligence File; (2) Army Industrial Fund; (3) Airfield Installation File; (4) Air Intelligence Flight;
        (5) Automated Installation File
        AIFV  Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
        AIG  (1) Address Indicator Group; (2) Air Intelligence Group
        AIIC  Advanced Imagery Interpretation Course
        AIIF  Automated Installation Intelligence File
        AIIRS  Automated Intelligence Information Retrieval System
        AIM  (1) Air Intercept Missile; (2) Active Inert Missile; (3) ADCOM Intelligence Memorandum
        AIMD  Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
        AIMP  (1) Army Intelligence Management Plan; (2) Army Intelligence Master Plan; (3) Advanced Imagery Management Program;
        (4) Automated Information Management Program
        AIMTB  Artificial Intelligence Module Testbed
        AIN  Advanced Intelligence Network
        AIO  Air Intelligence Officer
        AIOEC  Association of Iron Ore Exporting Countries
        AIP  (1) Architecture Implementation Plan; (2) Anti-Surface-Warfare Improvement Program
        AIPR  Automated Information Processing Request
        AIR  American Institute for Research
        AIRA  Air Attache
        AIRCENT  (1) Air Forces Central Region (NATO); (2) Allied Air Forces Central Europe
        AIRCOM  Air Command
        AIRCOMTERM  Airborne Communications Terminal
        AIRES  Advanced Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
        AIRES II  Airborne Reconnaissance Electronic System II
        AIREW  Airborne Infrared Early Warning
        AIRK  Area Interswitch Rekeying Key
        AIRLO  Air Liaison Officer
        AIRREQRECON  Air Request Reconnaissance
        AIR  (1) Replenishment Oiler; (2) American Institute of Research
        AIRS  (1) Advanced Inertial Reference Sphere; (2) Automated Information Retrieval Systems
        AIRTAPS  Aerial Imagery Reconnaissance Tracking and Plotting System
        AIS  (1) Automated Indicator System; (2) Advanced Indications Structure; (3) Advanced Indications System; (4) Army
        Intelligence Survey; (5) Automated Information System; (6) Air Intelligence Squadron
        AISA  Automated Intelligence Support Activity
        AISS  Automated Information Systems Security
        AIST  Air Intelligence Support Team
        AITE  Advanced Indications Technology Experiment
        AIU  Army Interrogation Unit
        AIWO  Air Intelligence Warning Officer
        AIWS  Advanced Interdiction Weapon System
        AJ  Antijamming
        AJCC  Alternate Joint Communications Center
        AJFP  Adaptive Joint Force Package
        AJNPE  Airborne Joint Nuclear Planning Element
        A/JSIC  Alternate JSIC
        AK  (1) Cargo Ship; (2) FSU Kalashnikov Family of Assault Rifles; (3) Automatic Remote Rekeying
        AKA  Also Known As
        AKDC  Automatic Key Distribution Center
        AKD/RCU  Automatic Key Distribution/Rekeying Control Unit
        AKL  Light Cargo Ship
        AKM  (1) Apogee Kick Motor; (2) AK-47 Assault Rifle
        AKMC  Automated Key Management Center
        AKMS  Automated Key Management System
        AKR  Vehicle Cargo Ship
        AKTCAE  Army Korea Technical Control And Analysis Element
        ALAIRCOM  Alaskan Air Command
        ALARM  Alert, Locate and Report Missiles
        ALASAT  Air-Launched Antisatellite
        ALASCOM  Alaskan Communications Inc.
        ALB  Air-Land Battle Doctrine (FM 100-5)
        ALBM  Air-Launched Ballistic Missile
        ALC  Accounting Legend Code
        ALCATS  Automated Lines of Communication and Target System
        ALCC  Airlift Control Center
        ALCE  Airlift Control Element
        ALCM  Air-Launched Cruise Missile
        ALCOM  Alaskan Command
        ALCOP  Alternate Command Post
        ALCOR  ARPA Lincoln C-Band Observable Radar
        ALCS  Airborne Launch Control System
        ALD  Airlift Division
        ALE  (1) AIRES Lifecycle Extension; (2) Automated Link Establishment
        ALERT  Attack and Launch Early Report to Theater (AF)
        ALES  AIRES Life Extension System
        ALF  Auxiliary Landing Field
        ALFA  Advanced Liaison Forward Area
        ALL  Airborne Laser Laboratory
        ALMS  Automated Logistics Management System
        ALO  (1) Air Liaison Officer; (2) Authorized Level of Organization
        ALOC(S)  Air Line(s) of Communication
        ALPS  Accidental Launch Protection System
        ALRAAM  Air-Launched Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile
        ALRP-S  Army Long-Range Plan for Space
        ALRPG  Army Long-Range Planning Guidance
        ALS  (1) Active Laser Seeker; (2) Airborne Link Segment
        ALSA  Air-Land-Sea Application (Center)
        ALSS  Advanced Location Strike System
        ALT  (1) Alternate; (2) Altitude
        ALTAlR  ARPA Long-Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar
        ALTREV  Altitude Reservation
        ALUSNA  American Legation U.S. Naval Attache
        ALUSNLO  American Legation U.S. Naval Liaison Officer
        ALWT  Advanced Lightweight Torpedo
        ALWTIC  Annual Land Warfare Technical Intelligence Conference
        AM  (1) Ante Meridian (Before Noon); (2) Amplitude Modulation; (3) Asset Manager; (4) Aerographers Mate
        AMAB  Air Mobile Assault Brigade
        AMASS  (1) Advanced Marine Airborne SlGlNT System; (2) Advanced Marine Air Support System
        AMBISS  Automated Map-Based Intelligence Support System
        AMC  (1) Airspace Management and Control; (2) Army Materiel Command (Formerly DARCOM); (3) Air Mobility Command;
        (4) Air Mission Commander
        AMCC  (1) Ashore Mobile Contingency Communications; (2) Ashore Mobile Command Center
        AMC/IN  AMC Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
        AMCIT  American Citizen
        AMCM  Airborne Mine Countermeasures
        AMD  Activated Metal Decoy
        AMDT  AEELS Mobile Downlink Terminal
        AME  Airspace Management Element
        AMEMB  American Embassy
        AMETS  Artillery Meteorological System
        AMF  Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (NATO)
        AMH  Automated Message Handling
        AMHA  Army Management Headquarters Activity
        AMHS  Automated Message Handling System
        AMIDS  Airborne Mine Detection System
        AMIM  Army Modernization Information Memorandum
        AMIP  Army Model Improvement Plan
        AMIRS  Army Multispectral Imagery Requirements Study
        AMIS  Advanced Microwave Imaging Sensor
        AMM  Army Modernization Memorandum
        Ammo  Ammunition
        AMMS  (1) Allowance Material Management System; (2) Acquisition Milestone Management System
        AMOPES  Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System
        AMOPS  Army Mobilization Operations and Planning System
        AMOS  Air Force Maui Optical System
        AMP  (1) Amplification; (2) Army Modernization Plan; (3) Acquisition Master Plan
        AMPDS  Automated Message Processing Dissemination System
        AMPE  Automated Message Processing Exchange
        AMPHI  Aerial Mission Photographic Indoctrination
        AMPHIB  Amphibious
        AMPL  Amplitude
        AMPS  (1) Automated Mission Planning System; (2) Automated Message Processing System; (3) Aim Point System
        AMRAAM  Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
        AMRWS  Advanced Remote Miniaturized Weather Station
        AMS  (1) Automated Message System; (2) Auto-Manual System; (3) Autonomous Message Switch; (4) Advanced Mapping Spectrometer
        AMSAT  Amateur Radio Satellite
        AMSC  Advanced Military Spaceflight Capability
        AMS-H  Advanced Missile System Heavy
        AMSSA  Assured Mission Support Space Architecture
        AMST  Advanced Medium STOL Transport
        AMT  ACTS Mobile Terminal
        AMTF  Airmobile Task Force
        AMTP  Army Mission Training Plan
        AMU  Astronaut Maneuvering Unit
        AMW  Amphibious Warfare
        AN  (1) Net Tender; (2) Army/Navy
        ANALIT  Analyst-to-Analyst Message Format
        ANC  African National Congress
        ANCC  (1) Ashore Navy Communications Capability; (2) Automated Network Control Center
        ANDVT  Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
        ANEX  Analyst-to-Analyst Exchange Message Format
        ANFO   Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil
        ANG Air National Guard
        ANGB  Army National Guard Base
        ANGLlCO  Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
        ANL  Net-Laying Ship
        ANLYS  Analysis
        ANMCC  Alternate National Military Command Center
        ANMIC  Alternate National Military Intelligence Center
        ANR  (1) Alaskan NORAD Region; (2) Active Noise Reduction
        ANRPC  Association of Natural Rubber-Producing Countries
        ANSI  American National Standards Institute
        ANVIS  Aviator’s Night Vision Imaging System
        AN/VRC  Army Navy Vehicle Radio Communications
        ANZUS  Australia, New Zealand, United States
        AO  (1) Action Officer; (2) Oiler; (3) Authenticator Organization; (4) Area of Operations; (5) Aerial Observer
        AOA  (1) Amphibious Objective Area; (2) Angle of Attack; (3) Angle of Arrival; (4) Airborne Optical Adjunct
        AOB  (1) Air Order of Battle; (2) Advanced Operational Base
        AOBTS  Air Order of Battle Textual Summary
        AOC  (1) Air Officer Commanding (U.K.); (2) Air Operations Center; (3) Army Operations Center
        AOCC  Area Operations Control Center
        AOCS  Aviation Officers Candidate School
        AOE  Fast Combat Support Ship
        AOFDA  U.S. AID Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance
        AOG  Gasoline Tanker
        AOI  (1) Area of Influence; (2) Area of Interest
        AOIC  Assistant Officer in Charge
        AOIR  (1) ACE Operational Intelligence Requirements; (2) Area of Intelligence Responsibility
        AOL  Area of Limitation
        AO&M/NM  Administration, Operations, and Maintenance/Network Management
        AOO  Air Operations Order
        AOP  (1) Area of Probability; (2) Air Operations Plan
        AOR  Area of Responsibility
        AOS  (1) Special Liquids Tanker; (2) Amphibious Objective Study; (3) Area of Separation
        AOSG  Amphibious Operation Support Graphic
        AOSS  Automated Office Support System
        AOT  Transport Oiler
        AOTF  Acoustic-Optic Tunable Filter
        AP  (1) Armor-Piercing; (2) Air Police; (3) Transport Ship; (4) Associated Press; (5) Ammonium Perchlorate; (6) Antipersonnel; (7) Application Processor
        AP-I  Armor Piercing Incendiary
        APB  (1) Self-Propelled Barracks Ship; (2) All Points Bulletin; (3) Antipersonnel Bomb; (4) Acquisition Program Baseline
        APC  (1) Armored Personnel Carrier; (2) Area of Positive Control; (3) Adaptive Predictive Coding
        APCC  Alternate Processing and Correlation Center
        APFSDS  Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
        APHIS  USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
        APL  (1) Barracks Craft (non self-propelled); (2) Applied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins University)
        APM  Army Program Memorandum
        APMS  (1) Automated Production Management System; (2) Advanced Precision Measurement System
        APO  (1) Army Post Office; (2) Air Post Office
        APOD  Aerial Port of Debarkation
        APOE  Aerial Port of Embarkation
        APORTS  Aerial Ports File (JOPES)
        APP  Application
        APPS  Applications
        Appl  Application
        Approx  Approximately
        APPS  Analytical Photogrammetric Position System
        APS  (1) ASARS-II Processing Segment; (2) Air Planning System
        APT  (1) Automatic Picture Transmission; (2) Airport
        APU  Auxiliary Power Unit
        APVO  FSU Air Defense Aviation
        APW American Prisoner of War
        AQF  Advanced QUICKFIX
        AR  (1) Advanced Readiness; (2) Army Regulation; (3) Action Required; (4) Repair Ship; (5) Agent Report; (6) Army Reserve; (7) Army
        ARABSAT  Arab Satellite (Communications Organization)
        ARB  Battle Damage Repair Ship
        ARC  (1) Cable Ship; (2) Acquisition Review Committee; (3) Armored Reconnaissance Carrier; (4) Air Reserve Component
        ARCENT  U.S. Army Forces Central Command
        ARCENT-K  USACENT forward element-Kuwait
        ARCENT-SA  USACENT forward element-Saudi Arabia
        ARCH  Architecture
        ARCOM  Army Command
        ARDC Air Research and Development Command
        AREC  Air Element Coordinator
        ARCS  (1) Automated Reproduction and Collating System; (2) Acquisition Radar and Control System
        ARD  Auxiliary Repair Drydock
        ARDF  Airborne Radio Direction Finding
        ARDM  Auxiliary Repair Drydock
        AREPT  Agent Report
        ARF  Airborne Relay Facility
        ARFCOS  Armed Forces Courier Service
        ARFOR  Army Force(s)
        ARG  (1) Amphibious Readiness Group; (2) Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
        ARIS  Advanced Range Instrumentation Ship
        ARL  (1) Landing Craft Repair Ship; (2) Airborne Reconnaissance Low; (3) Army Research Lab; (4) Aerial Reconnaissance Liaison
        ARL-I  Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Imagery
        ARLANT  U.S. Army Forces, LANTCOM
        ARLEA  Army Logistics Evaluation Agency
        ARLO  Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer
        ARM  (1) Antiradiation Missile; (2) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
        ARMA  Army Attache
        ARMISE  Army Reserve Military Intelligence Support Element
        ARMLO  Army Liaison Officer
        ARMS  Automated Resource Management System
        ARNG  Army National Guard
        ARO  (1) Area Records Officer; (2) Auxiliary Readout
        ARP  Alert Response Plan
        ARPA  Advanced Research Projects Agency
        ARPAC  Army Pacific
        ARPANET  Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
        ARPS  Advanced Radar Processing System
        ARPV  Advanced Remotely Piloted Vehicle
        ARR  Radiological Repair Ship
        ARRC  (1) ACE Rapid Reaction Corps; (2) Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
        ARRN  Andean Ridge Radar Network
        ARRS  Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
        ARS  (1) Salvage and Rescue Ship; (2) Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance; (3) Airborne Receiver System; (4) Air Rescue Service
        ARSA  (1) Annual Reevaluation of Safe Areas; (2) Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance Architecture
        ARSGS  Airborne Reconnaissance SIGINT Ground Systems
        ARSO  Assistant Regional Security Officer
        ARSOA  Army Special Operations Aviation
        ARSOC  Army Special Operations Command
        ARSOF  Army Special Operations Forces
        ARSOFE  Army Special Operations Forces, Europe
        ARSOFSUPCOM  Army Special Operations Forces Support Command
        ARSOTF  Army Special Operations Task Force
        ARSP  Advanced Reconnaissance Support Program
        ARSPACE  Army Space Command
        ARSPACECOM  Army Space Command
        ARSPOC  Army Space Operations Center
        ARSST  Army Space Command Space Support Team
        ARSTAF  Army Staff
        ART  (1) Aerial Reconnaissance Team; (2) Amateur Radio Transceiver
        ARTADS  Army Tactical Data System
        ARTAS-K  Army Training and Support-Kuwait (former name for ARCENT-K)
        ARTBASS  Army Training Battle Simulation Systems
        ARTCC  Air Route Traffic and Control Center
        ARTEP  (1) Army Readiness Training Evaluation Program; (2) Army Training and Evaluation Program
        ARTISS  Advanced Requirements Tasking Information and Support System
        ARTPP  Airborne Reconnaissance Technology Program Plan
        ARTS  Automated Remote Tracking Station
        ARTY  Artillery
        ARV  (1) Armored Recovery Vehicle; (2) Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle; (3) Aircraft Repair Ship
        ARW  Air Refueling Wing
        AS  (1) Submarine Tender; (2) Air Surveillance; (3) Analysis Subsystem; (4) Air Station; (5) Anti Spoofing; (6) Advanced Sensors
        ASA  Army Space Agency
        ASA  (M&RA)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
        ASAB  All-Source Analysis Branch
        ASAC  All-Source Analysis Center
        ASAP  (1) As Soon As Possible; (2) Advanced Sensor Applications Program
        ASAR  Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
        ASARC  Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
        ASARS  Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
        ASART  (1) AEELS Support Analysis Reporting Terminal; (2) Analysis Support and Reporting Terminal
        ASAS  All-Source Analysis System
        ASAS-AS  All-Source Analysis System All-Source Workstation
        ASAS-E  All-Source Analysis System-Extended
        ASAS-SS  All-Source Analysis System Single-Source Workstation
        ASAS-W  All-Source Analysis System WARRIOR
        ASAT  (1) Antisatellite; (2) Antisatellite Treaty; (3) Advance Satellite Antenna Technology
        ASB  (1) Air Surveillance Broadcast; (2) Army Science Board
        ASC  (1) AUTODlN Switching Center; (2) Army Service Component; (3) Army Space Command; (4) Advanced Systems Course
        ASCAMP  Advanced Single-Channel Manpack
        ASCII  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
        ASCC  (1) Air Standardization Coordinating Committee; (2) Alternate Space Control Center
        ASCII  American National Standard Code for Information Interchange
        ASCM  Antiship Cruise Missile
        ASCON  Automatic Switched Communications Network
        ASD  Assistant Secretary of Defense
        ASD  (C3I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence)
        ASD  (C4I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence)
        ASD  (ISA) Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
        ASD  (S&R) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Requirements
        ASD  (SO/LIC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict
        ASDC  Advanced Space Data Corporation
        ASDEP  Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Programs
        ASDIA  All-Source Document Index
        ASDIAZ  All-Source Document Index Automated File-Compartmented
        ASDIAZO  All-Source Document Index Automated File-ORCON
        ASDIC  Armed Services Documents Intelligence Center
        ASDS  (1) Automated SlGlNT Dissemination System; (2) Advanced SEAL Delivery System
        ASDV  Auxiliary SEAL Delivery Vehicle
        ASE  (1) Aircraft Survivability Equipment; (2) Airborne Support Element
        ASEAN  Association of Southeast Asian Nations
        ASED  Army Space Exploitation Demonstration
        ASEDP  Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Program
        ASEMA  Army Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
        ASF  All-Source Format
        ASFC  All-Source Fusion Center
        ASG  Area Support Group
        ASGOBS  Army Standard Ground Order of Battle System
        ASI  (1) Additional Skill Indicator; (2) U.S. Army Space Institute; (3) All-Source Intelligence
        ASIC  All-Source Intelligence Center
        ASICC  All-Source Intelligence Coordinating Center
        ASIDS  Airborne Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
        ASIP  All-Source Imagery Processor
        ASIPS  Army Standard Intelligence Plotter System
        ASIS  Army Space Initiatives Study
        ASIT  Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal
        ASM  (1) Air-to-Surface Missile; (2) Antiship Missile; (3) Attache Support Message
        ASMD  Antiship Missile Defense
        ASMT  Assessment
        ASN  (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition)
        ASOC  Air Support Operations Center
        ASOG  Air Support Operations Group
        ASOS  Air Support Operations Squadron
        ASP  Ammunition Supply Point
        ASPAC  Asian and Pacific Council
        ASPADOC  Alternate Space Defense Operations Command
        ASPB  Assault Patrol Support Boat (Riverine Warfare Craft)
        ASPIC  Armed Services Personnel Interrogation Center
        ASPJ  Airborne/Advanced Self-Protection Jammer
        ASPO  Army Space Program Office
        ASPS  All-Source Production Section
        ASR  (1) Submarine Rescue Ship; (2) Airport Surveillance Radar; (3) Adaptive Situation Recognizer
        ASRP  (1) Airborne SlGlNT Reconnaissance Program; (2) Airborne SIOP Reconnaissance Plan
        ASRRS  Army Survivable, Recovery and Reconstitution System
        ASSC  Alternate Space Surveillance Center
        ASSET  All Source Satellite Evaluation Tool
        ASSIST  (1) Army System for Standard Intelligence Support Terminals; (2) Automated Special Security Terminals; (3) Automated Special Security Information System; (4) Automated Information System Security Incident Support Team
        ASSM  Antiship Surface Missile
        ASSOTW  Airfields and Seaplane Stations of the World
        ASSR  Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
        ASST  (1) Antiship Surveillance and Tracking; (2) Assistant
        ASSW  Antisurface Ship Warfare
        ASTAG  Army Service and Technology Advisory Group
        ASTEC  Advanced Satellite Technology and Extremely High Frequency Communications
        ASTERIX  Automated Analyst Support Tools
        ASTMP  Army Science and Technology Master Plan
        ASTP  APOLLO-SOYUZ Test Program
        ASU  (1) FSU Airborne Self-Propelled Antitank Gun; (2) Approved for Service Use
        ASUW  Antisurface Warfare
        ASU SWA  Administrative Support Unit Southwest Asia
        ASUWC  Antisurface Warfare Commander
        ASV  Armored Support Vehicle
        ASW  (1) Antisubmarine Warfare; (2) Aircrew Survival Weapon
        ASWC  Antisubmarine Warfare Commander
        ASWCCS  Antisubmarine Warfare Command and Control System
        ASWOC  Antisubmarine Warfare Operations Center
        ASWTF  Antisubmarine Warfare Task Force
        AT  (1) Antitank; (2) Air Transit; (3) Simple Antenna (Electronic Component); (4) Air Technician; (5) Awaiting Transportation;
        (6) Antiterrorism, (7) Annual Training
        ATA  (1) Actual Time of Arrival; (2) Ocean Tug; (3) Air Transport Association; (4) Advanced Tactical Aircraft; (5) Air Traffic
        ATAC  ASAP Technical Advisory Committee
        ATACC  Advanced Tactical Air Command Center
        ATACMS  (U.S.) Army Tactical Missile System
        ATACMS ER  Army Tactical Missile System Extended Range
        ATACS  (1) Analyst-to-Analyst Communications Service; (2) Army Tactical Communications System
        ATAF  Allied Tactical Air Force (NATO)
        ATARS  Advanced Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance System
        ATAS  (1) Air-To-Air Stinger; (2) Automatic Terrain Avoidance System
        ATB  (1) Air Technical Battalion; (2) Advanced Technology Bomber
        ATBM  Antitactical Ballistic Missile
        ATC  (1) Air Traffic Control; (2) Air Training Command, USAF; (3) Air Target Chart; (4) Mini-Armored Troop Carrier (Riverine
        Warfare Craft)
        ATCAE  Army Technical Control and Analysis Element
        ATCC  Air Traffic Control Center
        ATCCS  Army Tactical Command and Control System
        ATCH  ASW Torpedo-Carrying Helicopter
        ATCU  Airfield Traffic Control Unit
        ATD  (1) Actual Time of Departure; (2) Advanced Technology Demonstration
        ATDB  ACE Target Data Base
        ATD/IFD  Advanced Technology Demonstration/Integrated Feasibility Demonstration
        ATDL  Automated Tactical Data Link
        ATDS  Airborne Tactical Data System
        ATE  Automatic Test Equipment
        ATETS  Atomic Heat and Powerplant
        ATF  (1) Advanced Tactical Fighter; (2) Amphibious Task Force; (3) Fleet Ocean Tug; (4) Aviation Turbine Fuel; (5) After the Fact
        ATFD  Automated Tactical Fusion Division
        ATGIN  Atomic Ground Intercept
        ATGL  Antitank Guided Launcher
        ATGM  Antitank Guided Missile
        ATH  Above The Horizon
        ATI  Automated Tactical Intelligence
        ATIC  Aircraft Technical Intelligence Conference
        ATIMS  Advanced Technical Information Management System
        ATL  ACE Threat List
        ATLIS  Airborne Tracking Laser Identification System
        atm  Atmosphere
        ATM  (1) Antitank Missile; (2) Air Target Materials; (3) Air Target Mosaic; (4) Antitactical Missile; (5) Asynchronous Transfer
        Mode; (6) Air Tasking Message
        A-TM  Alpha Team (Special Forces Operational Detachment)
        ATMDE  Army Theater Missile Defense Element
        ATMG  Arms Transfer Management Group
        ATMOS  Atmospheric Trace Molecules Spectroscopy
        ATMP  Air Target Materials Program
        ATO  (1) Air Tasking Order; (2) Abort-To-Orbit
        ATOC  Allied Tactical Operations Center (NATO)
        AFTOCONF  Air Tasking Order Confirmation
        ATOL  Assisted Takeoff & Landing
        ATOS  Atlantic Theater Operational Intelligence System
        ATP  (1) Allied Tactical Publication (NATO); (2) Advanced Technology Program; (3) Advanced Tracking Prototype; (4) Advanced
        Tactical Planner
        ATP-FO  Automated Tracking Prototype Follow-On
        ATP/RMBUX  Advance Tracking Prototype/Rocky Mountain Basic UNIX
        ATR  Automatic Target Recognition
        ATRS  Advanced Tactical Reconnaissance System
        ATS  (1) Salvage and Rescue Ship; (2) Automated Tasking System; (3) Audit Trail Server; (4) Applications Technology Satellite
        ATSS  Alaskan Transportable Satellite System
        AT&T  American Telephone and Telegraph
        ATT  Technical Assistance Training Team
        ATTCS  Army Tactical Command and Control System
        ATTD  Advanced Technology Transition Demonstration
        ATTE  Assistant Theater Topographic Engineer
        ATTG  Automated Tactical Target Graphic
        ATTN/Attn  Attention (to the attention of)
        ATTP  ACOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
        ATWC  Atmospheric Tactical Warning Connectivity
        AU  Air University
        AUD  Arbitrary Unit Designator
        AUGTDA  Augmentation Table of Distribution and Allowances
        AUM  Air-to-Underwater Missile
        AUS  Army of the United States
        AUSA  Association of the United States Army
        AUSCANUKUS  Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
        AUSD  Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Defense
        AutoID  Automatic Identification
        AUTODIN  Automatic Digital Network
        AUTOSEC  Automation Security
        AUTOSEVOCOM  Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network
        AUTOVON  Automatic Voice Network
        AUTUMN FORGE  NATO Exercise
        AUXCP  Auxiliary Command Post
        AV  (1) Armored Vehicle; (2) Audio-Visual; (3) Air Vehicle; (4) Auxiliary Vector
        AVCS  Attitude and Velocity Control System
        AVF  All-Volunteer Force
        AVGAS  Aviation Gasoline
        AVHRR  Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
        AVIM  Aviation Intermediate Maintenance
        AVLB  Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge
        AVMF  FSU Naval Aviation
        AVMT  Aviation Maintenance Trainer
        AVN  Aviation
        AVP  Authorized Vendor Program
        AVR  Aircraft Rescue Vehicle
        AVSAT  Aviation Satellite System
        AVSCOM  Aviation System Command
        AVT  Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
        AVUM  Aviation Unit Maintenance
        AW  (1) Air Warning; (2) Automatic Weapon(s); (3) Water Tanker; (4) All-Weather
        AWACS  Airborne Warning and Control System
        AWADS  Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
        AWARS  All-Weather Reconnaissance System
        AWC  (1) Air War College; (2) Army War College; (3) Air Warfare Center
        AWDS  Automated Weather Distribution System
        AWE  Advanced Warfighting Experiment
        AWESS I  Automatic Weapon Effect Signature Simulator
        AWGN  Additive White Gaussian Noise
        AWIS  (1) Army WWMCCS Information System; (2) Aircraft Wireless Intercom System
        AWN  Automated Weather Network
        AWOP  (1) Absent Without Pay; (2) Automated Weaponeering Optimization Program
        AWS  (1) Air Weather Service; (2) Advance Warning System; (3) Analyst Workstation
        AWSS  Area Weapon Scoring System
        AWT  Water Transport
        AWWIMS  Automated Worldwide Warning Indicator Monitoring System
        AWX  All-Weather
        AXAF  Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility
        AXP  Allied Exercise Publication
        AXT  Training Ship
        AZ  Azimuth

        and more!

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