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View Diary: Even JPL Presenters Treat Boys and Girls Differently (267 comments)

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  •  that just makes me sad. (0+ / 0-)

    But i think most people watching said show expect the women to be last-after all it's king of the nerds

    •  Perhaps. (0+ / 0-)

      Being a word-nerd myself, I actually argue that the there is no inherent gender in the word king, only in how we use the word. The word's etymology references a genetic origin-point of a group; and since we scientifically know that half of our genetics come from other mothers, I argue that the word itself can and should be used to reference both males and females.

      I remember being a kid watching Star Trek The Wrath Of Khan and thinking it was so weird that Kirk adressed to Saavik as "Mister" given that Saavik was female. Of course, I have since learned that Kirk was correct. Women actually should be addressed as "Mister" as much as men should be because the word has not one single thing to do with being male; the word itself is just an alternate spelling of "Master".

      With the first person booted from the competition being a dude, the group now stands at an even split male-to-female ratio. So at least there is hope that a woman will win.

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