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View Diary: Even JPL Presenters Treat Boys and Girls Differently (267 comments)

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  •  I think women and girls do it to be polite (8+ / 0-)

    a lot of the time. I will sometimes preface something with a slight hedge or expression of doubt, and it isn't low self-esteem but just a ritualistic display of politeness. I'm pretty sure a lot of females perform that ritual (studies by linguists seem to indicate as much), and it may be misinterpreted by males.

    I still remember in an 8th grade biology class -- a million years ago -- when I was called on in class and began by saying, "Well, I'm not sure, but --" and the (male) teacher interrupted me, said he wanted to hear from someone who actually knew, and called on someone else -- who gave exactly the answer I had been about to give. It wasn't that I was dilly-dallying around and being coy and taking forever to get to the point, either -- just that one brief, ritualistic display of politeness was enough to get me interrupted and silenced. I suspect that kind of misunderstanding contributes to inequalities in school and the workplace.

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