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View Diary: Are we losing 'flipping the burden' now, too? Then change the quorum rules. (77 comments)

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  •  Would "shifting the burden" (0+ / 0-)

    require 41 votes even if there were 99 Senators?   For months after the 2008 elections, there were 99 Senators due to the Franken-Coleman struggle.    3/5 of 99 is 59.4, so 60 votes were still needed.   But 2/5 of 99 is 39.6, so it seems as if 40 would be enough.....wonder how it's worded.

    That said, the difference between 60 ayes and 41 nays was quite important for the ACA, when there were 59 or 60 in the caucus.   But is it that big a deal now?   Have there been any cases in the past two years where it would have mattered?  (The Dream Act only got 55).   If it is that important, I suspect the entire caucus would show up.   But with a GOP House, it is unlikely to matter much.

    The biggest change might be on nominations, where the House is irrelevant.   I've heard that there might be some positive moves there....have you heard?

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