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  •  For everyone who loves furry bebes.... (9+ / 0-)

    This is "Squeeeeeee"-worthy!  :-D

    Didja see that the Great Dane has produced her first litter of three babies as of yesterday?  [There was a fourth, but it was stillborn.]

    There have been at least three hoomins I've seen tending to Momma & bebes as I've checked in off and on.  One was spoon-feeding Momma from a can several hours ago.  I tuned in a few minutes ago and I can see the foot of a hoomin on the wooden seat to the right of the video, so evidently there's someone monitoring them all 24/7 (or close to that).

    From the Comments section of the page's blog (Terri White Miller is answering a person named Anne):

    TerriWhiteMiller Anne...This is Noel with her first litter. 3 new puppies, Magnus, Murphy & Mariah, born Thursday 1/31. Mommy and puppies are well. Merle/black is Magnus, black & white mantle is Murphy and Harle is Mariah. The daddy is a Harle named Bentley. This litter is referred to as the nuppies by Carlene and the camera people.

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