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View Diary: Reid about to cave on filibuster reform (254 comments)

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    Only person I can see is Collins. Grassley is scared to death of his crazy base (chosen by caucus) and we know McCain has no principles. Hatch just barely made it past the crazy in his state. He certainly wont be fighting back.

    All these other guys are new, post Newt...many of them coming out of Newt Gingrich's House.

    I'm just not seeing who would fight McConnell on this. And rest assured...if Ted Cruz and Tim Scott and the other cast of characters (including incoming Capito) demand an end to any opportunity for Democrats to obstruct the majority, they will get it. Stat. McConnell has every interest in making Harry Reid look stupid. Comes as no cost to him.

    And there even might be a few principled Democrats who will go along with it just for the purpose of being consistent.

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