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View Diary: Reid about to cave on filibuster reform (254 comments)

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    We could possibly have two seats coming up on the Court and a ton of lesser judicial seats that need filling. There are a slew, literally a smorgasbord of lower level appointments that need to be confirmed. Finally there is important legislation that we need to get through that we can crack the GOP (as has been demonstrated this year) if we had some muscle on the Senate side of things.

    The overall point is that "keeping the powder dry" almost never works out as planned. When youv'e got use it or lose it. Waiting around for a better day that might not come is silly and pointless. What are we to do since there is a GOP house? Sit on our hands?

    Finally, using our majority where we have it is the key to winning back the House. Not sitting on it and doing nothing.

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