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View Diary: Reid about to cave on filibuster reform (254 comments)

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  •  Sestak was never short of money. (3+ / 0-)
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    That's a myth. Sestak had all the firepower he wanted. He just didn't turn out the Democratic vote in his state...a vote that was obviously there.

    If any of these people you named lose their seats, it wont be because of their "pulling Democratic legislation to the center." If anything, us flaying them for that will help them in their states. None of them is facing a primary challenge because none of them is as odious as Lincoln was.

    No...if they lose it will be because of a Republican wave...and none of their votes will make a difference in that instance. Pryor is probably gone in any instance. The rest will win for lack of tough opponents, with Hagan probably being the toughest hold.

    •  The connection can be made (3+ / 0-)

      If the Senate becomes a body where legislation is passed on a more partisan basis, the voters in Senate elections will vote more on the party line.  Which works against us, we need their crossover vote more than they need ours.

      There is truth on all sides. The question is how much.

      by slothlax on Wed Jan 23, 2013 at 09:03:14 PM PST

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