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  •  Breuer Admits to Malpractice On Air (0+ / 0-)

    The part in the Frontline special where Breuer says we need to consider repercussions within the banking sector if we decide to (or not to) bring fraud cases is ASTONISHING.

    This should be grounds for disbarment, should it not? He essentially is saying that what he knows from his background in working for big banks colored his decisions not to focus on prosecutable fraud. He thought he was doing the overall economy a favor by not causing a Wall Street panic?

    Taxpayers should be outraged (Glenn Greenwald is saying this special should prompt social unrest) that Breuer was so unprofessional as to consider fallout in failing to bring cases, but we lost even more by not at least trying.

    Sure the banks have phalanxes of lawyers and can find innumerable ways to win criminal aquittals, running out the clock, hiding evidence in confusing jargon, etc.

    But bring the case anyway - it works as a warning to the banks that the behavior is not tolerated, it makes them notice.

    On the question of Fast & Furious, I wonder if Ms. Raddack cared to comment on the Katherine Eban investigation that suggested the DOJ was so far out of the loop on the gun walking program, that Eric Holder didn't even realize he might not have done anything wrong.

    Fox News is crowing that F&F was the reason Breuer 'resigned' but the Fortune Magazine exposé and ensuing lawsuits suggest the whole thing never happened, and was a political ploy to weaken the ATF and Obama team...

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