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View Diary: Walker's Plan for Wisconsin Public Schools: Make Them Private (20 comments)

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  •  Well done, GGB! Excellent breakdown. (7+ / 0-)

    I loved the way you intertwined the quotes from Friedman which, although quite eye-opening, were sadly not-in-the-least-bit surprising.

    They are so casually going about their business of destroying the public education system in Wisconsin and the general public seems to barely even bat an eye over a lot of these things.  The fact that the entire voucher program has been snuck into the budget is appalling, especially when you listen to the flowery language to put lipstick on the shit-covered pig known as "Walker's" educational plan.

    I was at the Stop Special Needs Vouchers press event that you referred to and it was a very powerful scene to be a part of.  After seeing the children and hearing their stories and their parents' stories, it's a REAL shocker that the only individuals the press could find for a quote in support of this unconscionable decision were lobbyists.  Scott Jensen is one sick bastard and it's too bad he wasn't banned from the Capitol for life after his role in leading the Caucus scandal.

    Let's just hope that Walker listens to his own lapdogs like Ellis and Olsen in the one instance that they break away from suckling at the corporate teat to look out for their constituents' and districts' best interests.

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