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    It's my belief that all of us should be willing to reinvent ourselves, and be willing to do it repeatedly, as these changes reach into our lives. Clinging to an old technology won't get you very far in life.

    After college, I became a forester for a large timber company. At the time, a job with that company was considered to be a "job for life" if you wanted it. Within a few years, they were laying off people.

    When the euphemistically-named "reduction in force" reached out and grabbed me, I responded by going to work for a forestry consulting firm. It was a logical choice, since the big companies were ditching employees in favor of contractors. Yet this did not happen overnight; it took two years for me to find my way.

    The next step was to go into business for myself, working close to home. As that work became more scarce, I began to divide my time between the Northwestern and Southeastern regions of the country.

    I'm still not done reinventing myself. As I write this, I'm in Arkansas, doing work for a new client. My attitude is to always be open to new opportunities.

    I'm not about to say that what I've done was easy. I made some lousy choices along the way. There was never any magic voice in my head telling me what I needed to do next.

    If there are any easy answers, I haven't found them yet.

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