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  •  It boils down to the conversation we never had (12+ / 0-)

    when free trade was all the rage: are increased "productivity gains" and corporate profits worth the cost of making human productivity obsolete? How do we very many humans generate wealth to buy things with, to make the profit for the very few (if that must be the only "fair" way to distribute wealth)?

    Unfortunately at my age (46) I am too young to "thank god because I am retired/retiring" as voiced above by a couple of folks (and the reality for a good percentage of Americans and Kossacks). I am too old to get hired in my old occupation  (and I don't have a 4 year degree like the kids who can't get hired for what they went to school for), and I just got out of a vocational training program and there are no jobs in my new field either.

    I did customer service for over 22 years. I might has well have been a blacksmith for all the good it did me. I'm so goddamned sick of this city,country, and world based on the value of whatever TBTF organizations say value is. It is madness to live in a society that will only consider me valuable when I can find a job that no longer exists. When can we debate this? What day can we say enough?

     And I'm also so sick of being told its eventually going to trend toward eventually getting better, if we just keep voting for the same people who got us down this road to start with. A vote in this system is truly a vote for the system, and nothing more. We might vote for the actors, but we sure as HELL get to watch the same script and hear the same songs NO MATTER WHAT.

    •  I'm one of the people "retiring" (9+ / 0-)

      because the business that has supported my wife and I evaporated last year. We have no choice, and we still have business debt to retire, which is equal to a good chunk of our retirement savings.

      And our business evaporated because a lot of our customers either were bought out by bigger companies, shipped production offshore, or both. There are other reasons too, but they still come back largely to the effects of off-shoring.

      I'm lucky to be old enough to collect SS, but it's going to be a tight 4 years until my wife reaches that age, and we have no health insurance with 2 years to Medicare for me and 7 for her.

      The opening part of your comment is exactly right, IMO, and the situation just gets more precarious each year. People that have jobs don't think there are people like you, or me, out there. We should just get a job and quit moaning. I'm still looking at options for earning more income, and I'm sure you are, but as you rightly point out, it's much harder at your age, and by missing some big earning years, it's going to be harder when you reach my age too.

      I really wish I knew how to help you - and me too.

      Modern revolutions have succeeded because of solidarity, not force.

      by badger on Thu Jan 24, 2013 at 09:40:21 PM PST

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