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View Diary: Four reasons to feel proud of, and excited by, the filibuster reform fight (274 comments)

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      follow. Okay. So I'll break it down.

      1. Even with the filibuster reform offered by Merkley/Udall, we still have a Repuke House. And with gerrymandering, we probably won't win the House in 2014.

      2. The public is on our side, causing Boehner to back down.

      3. The public is on our side, and McConnell has to run in 2014, so has to appear to be working for his constituents.

      4. The Merkley/Udall reforms pissed off the Repukes, making them less likely to be agreeable, even if they agree.

      5. By limiting the filibuster reform to doing away with the most egregious rules, it at least speeds up the process. (think: secret holds, or just holds)

      6. Comity. Much more can be accomplished during a cease-fire.

      7. Nothing can get done in either house if we, the people, don't constantly push. And that's the case, with or without filibuster reform (Merkley/Udall style). Especially since we don't have control of the House.

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