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View Diary: Conservatives up in arms over women in arms (151 comments)

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  •  There is a more normal socialization (5+ / 0-)

    when you normal have mixes of genders instead of one or the other.   (this is also true with normal mixes of openly gay people, or mixing of races/cultures/etc openly)

    This leads to a lot of subtle effects.   But to pick just one, it is harder to be a typical thuggish soldier who harasses (or abuses/rapes) female civilians if one of your comrades in arms is a woman.

    Or to pick another...I know a Sgt major from the Vietnam era, raised in the south and who has most of the usual prejudices against hispanics, gays and women in the military that you'd expect from someone who moved from typical military republican to tea partier in the last decade.

    But black people?  He really does have black friends and thinks that racism to black people is stupid.  Why this anomaly?  Because he served with black soldiers and they had his back.  That left a deeper mark in him than his programming as a kid, or an entire lifetime of steriotypes.

    I'm hoping his equivalents from the current generation of soldiers will feel the same way about gays and women.  That it is just stupid to assume they aren't as good as anyone else...because they'll all have a story about the time a gay or a woman (or gay woman) had their back.

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