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View Diary: Why is Mitch McConnell so happy? No consequences for unprecedented GOP obstructionism. None. (224 comments)

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  •  The Democrats (3+ / 0-)

    Wouldn't have to worry about being a minority if they pushed for actual progressive policies.

    We're a progressive nation at it's core and the American people know that, but these weak ass, spineless democrats are not progressive.

    These democrats are bought and sold, paid to lose because imagine if they didn't have obstruction, the American people would kick them out for the not doing anything, this way they can do nothing and point the finger at the other side while robbing America blind!

    94% of senate races are determined by who has the most money. They don't represent us, they represent the donors and that's why progressives lose and will continue to do so until we get the money out.

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