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View Diary: Awesome: High school senior comes out at school assembly, receives standing ovation (83 comments)

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  •  OK, that's nice. He's gay. Who cares? (2+ / 0-)
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    Honestly, I don't care. He's gay, so what? Why is this still a big deal still. Does it affect my life? Nope. If he has all the rights he should (same as any other American) does that somehow lower the quality of my life or marriage? Nope. He's gay. That's nice. Go enjoy your life.

    Of course... the problem is that for reasons I still can't grasp there are people that care. There are people that think that somehow or in some way if a gay person gets married it'll magically damage what their own marriages represent to them or some other dumbass perversion of logic. As long as there are people that still care, both pro and against, what someone else's sexual orientation is then these types of things will have meaning, will present folks like this kid as both heroes and targets of denigration.

    Acceptance will never be good enough. We need to get to the point where someone can say they're gay and no one will care. We need to get to where it simply no longer matters. We need to get to where at an announcement like this there won't be a standing ovation... it'll be no more relevant than me announcing that I'm a guy, or have brown hair or hazel eyes.

    Until then, these ovations are nice to see as acceptance works its way into society. But you won't see full acceptance until we simply no longer care.

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