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View Diary: If it is not stopped, the Republican war on democracy will tear this nation apart (264 comments)

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  •  I want to add something to this travesty (8+ / 0-)

    that hasn't gotten quite as much attention as I would like.

    Jordan Gehrke, a D.C.-based strategist who's worked on presidential and Senate campaigns, is teaming up with Ken Blackwell, a former Ohio Republican secretary of state, to raise money for an effort to propose similar electoral reforms in states across the country, he told me this week.

    Gehrke and Blackwell have been talking to major donors and plan to send a fundraising email to grassroots conservatives early next week. The money would go toward promoting similar plans to apportion electoral votes by congressional district in states across the country, potentially even hiring lobbyists in state capitals.

    Name "Ken Blackwell" mean anything to you?

    This guy should be in prison, not running around promoting NEW ways to steal presidential elections.

    If you recall, it was former Ohio secretary of voter suppress ... I mean STATE ... Ken Blackwell who was overseeing Ohio's chaotic and rigged 2004 presidential election, when voters in urban areas and on select liberal college campuses had to wait in lines up to 12 hours long to vote. And all of the factors that caused that to happen were under Blackwell's jurisdiction.

    And after the election, this asshole put out a press release smirking that "the election ran smoothly. Everyone who wanted to vote got to vote."

    He should have been struck by lightning for that brazen lie. We will never know how many people were unable to cast their votes for John Kerry due to being unable to wait for four or five or ten hours. It was certainly more then one. It may even have been enough to tilt the election the other way.

    Jon Husted is a dick.

    by anastasia p on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 10:02:06 PM PST

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