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View Diary: 'Islamist' As Coded Language (41 comments)

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  •  I find it interesting that many of the comments (2+ / 0-)
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    zenox, JDsg

    here seem to try and say its not a slur. Look how Muslims are homophobic, pedophiles and just generally Philistines! (By the way, the  slur "philistine" comes from the word Palestinian.)

    Yet many Christians think the USA is a Christian country. They advocate for rule by the 10 commandments. They believe a raped woman must give birth. They sound much like the Islamists we find so offensive. But I have never heard the term Christianist before reading the comments herein.

    Obama was called Muslim as a slur. Only Colin Powell, as I recall, noted that there was nothing wrong with being Mulsim. That comment didn't resonate with very many folks, not even "progressive Dems" .

    I find the term Islamist, as used by the right, quite offensive. I agree with the diarist and I will call out any that hurl it as a slur aimed at someone that doesn't fit the AP definition.

    Thanks for the enlightened diary!

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