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View Diary: GOP chairman tries out new pitch for wooing African Americans and Latinos (71 comments)

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  •  So here's my question, although it's (7+ / 0-)

    slightly off-topic.

    Who is leading the Republican Party right now?

    Here's the context of my question.  Before their retreat a week or two ago, they were making noise all over the place about using the debt ceiling as leverage, blah, blah.

    They went to that retreat where the press was held at arm's length, and came out of it with a (mostly) unified decision to extend the debt ceiling for a few months.

    Who convinced them to do that?  Who stood up and said, Um, guys, this is making us look bad and we need to take an entirely different approach?  Who has that kind of power with them??????  If they are truly in retreat, or disarray, then how did they agree to make such a huge change in strategy?

    I've not seen any discussion of this anywhere, but it's been circling my brain for days...

    Thoughts anyone?

    If you took the greed out of Wall Street all you’d have left is pavement ~Robert Reich

    by k8dd8d on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 11:40:07 AM PST

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