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View Diary: Catholic bishops to 'review' position that fetuses aren't people after all (93 comments)

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    m00finsan, 417els, hnichols

    explain please.

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      The City of Denver is a person as defined under Colorado's Administrative Procedures Act. Exxon Mobile is a person under the Internal Revenue Code. There's no reason that "person" under the Wrongful Death Act has to mean the same thing that it means under the 14th Amendment. If fact, even if I were to accept the premise that fetuses are constitution persons, I can think of plenty of reasons to exclude them from the Wrongful Death Statute (how would a court even begin to estimate its lost wages? does an entity that cannot form memories need to be able to sue for pain and suffering?).

      The right to have one's tort claims survive one's death is a simple statutory right, not a fundamental human right.

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