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    he makes this extraordinary claim that the strong and vocal criticisms of the film are the result of sexist Hollywood males, essentially.  

    He just pulls that right out of his ass.  First of all, most of the early criticisms did not come from Hollywood liberal males and the film critics were wild about it.  It's gotten far more praise than criticism.  Second, the Hollywood liberal males who are speaking out against it (there are only a relative few that I know of) strike me as some of the least sexist kinds of guys in that realm, and pretty good activists too -- guys who actually give a shit about what's going on in the country beyond their own wealth and fame.  Third, on what basis does he make this claim?  Does he offer any evidence at all?  He just jumps to that conclusion apparently because the people who he would usually agree with on most things are not agreeing with him on this.  It sounds to me like he could not come up with a strong argument of his own so he pulled this one out of his ass and played the sexism card, trying to actually guilt people into agreeing with him when the things they strongly object to have not the first f'ing thing to do with sexism.

    I'd like him to stop making arguments in defense of feminism here.  I don't find characters like Maya to advance the feminist cause in any way.  And the things that I have read about the real life person who Maya is modeled after?  If those stories are accurate, trust me, she is no credit to the feminist cause and as far as the humanitarian cause, and other things... I have to stop.  People can read about her themselves.

    Moore also conveniently ignores the fact that Boal had a huge influence on this film. Bigelow credits him with all the research, essentially.  So the facts and perspectives or at least a lot of them came from Boals, who, IMHO, is probably the one who injected a lot of the CIA propaganda into it.  He has a history of war time embedded journalism.  Watching the interviews with Boal also gave me that strong impression.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 01:18:08 PM PST

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