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    the great harm done to vaccination programs in Pakistan, perhaps elsewhere, due to the irrational anger toward health workers and the overall mistrust of any vaccination programs now -- blowback from the vaccination program used to identify and locate bin Laden.  There have been statements about this by the World Health Organization, the UN, other organizations.  Some are urging that an executive order be used to mitigate this situation.

    An Executive Order That Could Save Children Here and Abroad

    It is a vital moment for the world community to do everything it can to encourage vaccination, especially against polio.  The last few decades have seen massive global progress against infectious disease thanks to vaccine programs.  Worldwide, 16% of infants were vaccinated against measles in 1980 compared to 85% in 2010.  In 1980, the disease killed 2.6 million people a year; that number was down to 139,000 in 2010.  And we are on the very cusp of completely wiping out polio worldwide –that disease may follow smallpox onto the ash-heap of defeated human scourges.  Only a couple of generations back, tens of thousands of Americans were left paralyzed by polio while three thousand died.  Global eradication would free Americans from that threat for ever.

    But the sad events in Pakistan and Afghanistan are only the latest in a line of setbacks for the battle against infectious disease linked to allegations of US intelligence services using vaccination programs as part of operations.  Not least, efforts to contain a polio outbreak in Kano, Nigeria in 2003 that might have put us on the path to global polio eradication by now were derailed when imams and local political leaders called for a boycott of the polio vaccination campaign.  They claimed (without evidence) that the vaccine program was part of a U.S. sterilization plot.

    Given that, a declaration by the US that public health interventions will not be used to gather intelligence could play a vital role in tipping the balance towards successful polio eradication –and enhance US national security.  Such a declaration has been proposed in a letter sent to President Obama this Monday signed by the deans of America’s top public health schools.  I suggest this could be modeled on –and inserted into– Executive Order 12333 which mandates that “No element of the Intelligence Community shall sponsor, contract for, or conduct research on human subjects except in accordance with guidelines issued by the Department of Health and Human Services,” and bans engagement in or conspiracy towards assassination and actions intended to influence United States political processes, public opinion, policies, or media.

    "Justice is a commodity"

    by joanneleon on Fri Jan 25, 2013 at 02:27:59 PM PST

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