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    Brown’s Park is a magical but tiny place in the downtown section of North Laguna Beach. From the street the view appears as no more than a little walkway wedged between a few shops. I passed it by a few times before noticing this tucked away walk and then finally made the turn.

    In this, one of my oldest digital photos, I find a reminder that turning and exploring a blind alley is not always a bad thing. Many years ago I memorized The Road Not Taken and those words immediately came to mind when I arrived at this view of Laguna’s Main Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

    The Light and Substance of Laguna Beach

    But there is different poetry to be seen, one for the passing of the light;

    In this fleeting moment
    What extravagant respite
    As promethean sunsets
    Blossom blaze
    And secede from splendor to mystery.

    And another for the dreamer;

    In this fleeting moment
    What extravagant respite
    As booming surf speaks its
    Mystical passage across
    The undreamed depths.

    This peaceful little place is hidden right in plain sight, and many people walk right by this gem without even realizing it. A wonderful respite that was donated by a man named Joe Brown after his grandfather’s beachfront home was destroyed by a winter storm. There is also a plaque with a poem by his grandfather.

    Let me live in a house by the side of the sea,
    Where men and women wander by
    Where there is beauty and grace and excitement that's free
    On the beach, in the sun let me lie
    Let me listen to ocean's melodious roar
    And its rhythm, so soothing to hear
    As the foam-covered waves seem to reach for the shore
    Under skies that are sunny and clear.
    -Joseph E. Brown

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