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View Diary: Some fundies claim flies buzzing around Obama are proof he's the devil (44 comments)

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  •  They claimed he was a murderer, thief, (3+ / 0-)
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    mdmslle, Wee Mama, Creosote

    and lecher (well, maybe they had a point about the last one). The line about him being the first black president refers in large part to the extreme vitriol that was spewed at him by the right. Hillary got even worse with less justification.

    The drill is simple- mock anyone who doesn't agree with you. If that doesn't succeed, it must be evidence that they are in league with Satan.

    It is like the old custom of throwing a suspected witch in a lake. If she drowns she is not a witch. If she floats, then she is a witch so burn her at the stake. Either way, there is one less irritating old woman in town.

    •  I disagree in basic substance. (1+ / 0-)
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      Andrew F Cockburn

      they did not talk about him being the devil and numerous right wing members of the public didn't think that.

      Yes the Right tried to tar Clinton with those  lies and stories. But they did not largely stick it seems to me with the vast majority of people on the right

      He was a letch, i agree.
      And they TRIED to make anything stick to bring him down, that is surely true.

      IT feels different to me thought that rumors would circulate that our President is the DEVIL INCARNATE. This is a very common thread of belief on the far right it seems.

      IT feels different from me and not because of what the leaders of Rep party are trying to do with each President.

      Obama is evil incarnate to some Rep citizens because it feels RIGHT to them to stick it to a Black man who feels "other" and "not like them" already to them, in their racism (subconcious or not)
      That's what i think

      •  The Vince Foster thing was totally over the top. (0+ / 0-)

        Whitewater was silly- the Clintons lost money on the deal. The lunatic right kept harping on these issues throughout his presidency.

        But you may be right about the difference in tone. I try not to pay attention to them so I am not the best judge.

        •  Vince Foster went too far (1+ / 0-)
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          Andrew F Cockburn

          thinking someone may actually be the devil? That's as far as there is to go
          a matter of degree.

          They bizarrely demonize every Dem president when he's in office nowadays. We must point this PATTERN out repeatedly and loundly when our next Dem President wins ie in 2016.

          They sure are eating crow about Clinton who is spectacularly popular anyway. At least to those of us who remember what they did. Nothing stuck.

          I tell righties in my life that if Obama was corrupt SURELY the Reps would have unearthed any small mistep he made in his personal or professional life BEFORE the last election. That they did not ironically shows how straight the guy is.

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