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View Diary: Some fundies claim flies buzzing around Obama are proof he's the devil (44 comments)

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  •  Don't think the RePigs (1+ / 0-)
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    don't also know about "get out the vote" in rural areas.

    The Democrats have to stop ignoring the rural areas.  In upstate NY the Repigs specialize in dog whistling to people plus taking their concerns seriously.  Of course they then mount campaigns to demonize the Democrats.

    The Democrats need to do a better job, with education of the existing electorate, especially with regard to economics, put up a radio network which can stand up to Limpbaugh and his kin, and engage in the community on local issues.  There are many dirty, underhanded tricks practiced by the RePigs in small town America.

    The RePigs continually tell the local folks that the Democrats only care about NYC - and it works. It takes money, which is hard to come by.  Also hard to come by is getting people to run for office.  

    Just keeping the local county Democratic Party going is a challenge.

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