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  •  I'm not sure I'd say those are illnesses (8+ / 0-)

    ... over which the sufferer has control. A friend's boss died from anorexia, after many years of struggle, and many hospitalizations. The diseases are very difficult to overcome, because of the deep emotional issues that drive them, and generally require significant help from trained professionals.

    I don't like anything the woman stands for, but I would not be happy to see her suffer from severe illness.

    •  The difference of opinion seems to be that they ar (4+ / 0-)

      e 'psychological' illnesses and so seem less real or uncontrollable than physical-cause illnesses.  

      Of course, psychological illnesses are very real in themselves, since mind-over-body is well proved (e.g., hypnotised subjects showing burns when told ice was really fire).  And bc of the way the brain works, at some pt all psychological becomes physical, as dendritic pathways are reinforced and even whole areas of the brain exhibiting such changes in e.g. blood flow.

      Also of course, it becomes a vicious circle as the symptoms produce real physical damage which in turn can reinforce or exacerbate the effects of psychological problems (e.g., less efficient liver, kidney functioning).

      Its all very complex, as you should expect.

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