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  •  The French at Timbuktu (0+ / 0-)

    quite the symbolism there, with French troops now reported en route to retake Timbuktu.

    After this, Hollande has major credit with me. He can have quite a lot of mistakes (or maitresses) before my gratefulness for this intervention will wear off. And I am not French, not malian, not african, not black, not anything else than simply human and progressive. Anyone wondering about this should ask themselves how the world would have looked like with islamist extremists in Bamako, looking around for the next object. Futa Djalon? Dakar? Whatever comes now, Hollande has saved the world a whole lot of trouble. He has also saved Mali, and for that I congratulate Malians, it´s a free gift courtesy of solidarity:)

    (my inquiet is of course what comes next. Politics is now needed not guns - after guns have done their part. I do hope, unoptimistically, that they´ll get that done too.)

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