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  •  How cool is this? (14+ / 0-)

    I knocked somebody's brick wall right down.  Thing is, I got this crate of family papers some years back, and I took the time to sort it out and digitize it.  Big bunch of genealogical info - well over 3000 names, all carefully documented.

    So I search my digital text file.  I find a letter from my great grandmother's second cousin, sent in response to a query in 1902.  The woman in question was his grandmother.  I have the original letter in my files.  Actually 2 letters, 5 pages all told.  I scanned it all and emailed it to this person.

    I am a descendant of the Jared Thompson that was born in 1805 in CT and died in 1880 in Milwaukee. I was actually the one that posted the photo of him that you have linked to his profile. Anyway, I was just curious how/where you were able to make the connection to his parents Jared Thompson and Susannah Studley. I have been working for almost 7 years and have not been able to 100% make that connection. I have several records that list Jared's mother as Susannah and I have a photo of her grave but I was waiting to post some of that until I could confirm I had the right person. I would love to hear back from you when you get a chance. Thanks so much!
    I told him about that letter and heard back:
    Oh my gosh!!!

    I am sooo excited right now I can not even contain myself. I am very familiar with his son Jared Thompson Jr. I was the one that also posted photos of him. I plan to actually post my tree publicly very soon so I will definitely make sure that you get a link to it.

    Thanks for getting back to me. This might be the most exciting/ satisfying night I've had re: research in a few years!

    And then, after I sent the scanned letters:
    I can honestly say it will be a miracle if I get any sleep tonight now.

    This is incredible and I dont think I can say thank you enough times.

    A few years ago when I was living in NYC I actually went up to Mansfield CT and surrounding towns and photocopied any and all documents I could find with the Thompson name on it in hopes of a day like this where I have a clear understanding of who is who. Now, I can finally reopen that box of photocopies and figure out what I really have as far as records. I will gladly send stuff your way after re-organizing and transcribing the documents.

    I like the open source approach to this work.  I expect to find some info from him pretty soon to add to what I've got, too.  Meanwhile, it made me really happy to solve that years-old riddle.

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