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View Diary: Newtown? Sandy Hook? Call it 12/14 (141 comments)

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  •  I hesitate to post as your emotions are (20+ / 0-)

    clearly raw, as they should be and I have no wish to increase your pain.  However, I would suggest that the main problem with remembering an event with a date rather than its place name, can become confusing.

    The clearest example I can think of is Pearl Harbor.  While FDR said that 12/07/1941 would live forever in infamy, it seems the exact date of the attack fades from public memory as the generation that witnessed the attack fade into history.  I would say the same for 11/22/1963.  As the generation that stood witness to an event fades away, it is more difficult to remember it by the date.

    The other possible objection is that there are so many outrages these days that remembering by dates becomes confusing when the events occur on the same day or close together.  While mass murders may not have been unusual a century ago or even 50 years ago, it does seem as if they are becoming more common.

    I apologize if my observations are offensive but, looking to future generations and trying to ensure that these events are memorialized, it seems the public mind finds it easier, over time, to tie events to places as opposed to time.  The one exception seems to be 9/11 which has largely supplanted the references to the WTC attacks but that may be because of the three attacks in three different states on the same day.

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