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  •  GOP: "We're not winning, let's change the rules!" (2+ / 0-)
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    drmah, Val

    I know this is in all likelihood constitutionally allowable, but it is morally reprehensible. Surely that stands for something.

    For 225 years, with the exceptions of Maine and Nebraska, the method of counting electoral votes has been constant. It is established and always determinable. We know that a state that has 19 electoral votes will deliver those votes to the winner of the state's popular vote. If the state had 19 electoral votes in 1960 and the same amount in 2012, the winner took all in both years. But if that is now changed to winners of Congressional Districts, the outcomes are no longer constant from decade to decade. When the Republicans draw the districts, there will be a higher number of electoral votes cast for the GOP candidate than in years when Democrats draw the districts. So theoretically, there could be two elections with the same mathematical outcomes from county to county within the state, and yet the state would have a 13/6 GOP/Dem split in one election and a 7/12 GOP/Dem split in another election. That chaotic inconsistency is a recipe for frickin' disaster!

    I despise the Electoral College, and I understand why Maine and Nebraska did what they did when they reapportioned the way they determine electors, but I have always thought that altering how the EV is apportioned from state to state is an atrocious idea. While it may not technically violate the one person, one vote Equal Protection Clause, it certainly undermines the purpose of it, and so I've always been opposed to the Maine and Nebraska methodology. If legislators are really serious about making the EC more representative of the popular vote, they can propose laws to apportion the EV based on percentages of statewide popular vote. But this would have to be a national and not merely a cherry-picked state-by-state solution, otherwise it skews the one person, one vote concept.

    The GOP should be publicly approached on a daily basis about changing the EC at the national level. If they really wants fairer elections, they can get behind a move to reapportion the EC on a consistent basis from state to state.  Otherwise, it will be shown to be just another shameless attempt to alter the outcome of a presidential election, this time by gerrymandering.

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