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  •  Wail if you must, but Kellermann is still the best (2+ / 0-)
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    DefendOurConstitution, alain2112

    source of information we have on the scale of gun carnage in the U.S., and far more accurate than the completely vaporous and unsubstantiated assertions of 'defensive gun use' touted by gun lovers.

    Most revealing truth: the NRA and its toadies in Congress found the lessons of Kellermann so threatening, they didn't push for more accurate studies. No, they defunded all NIH gun research, and made it impossible for any further Federal level research to move forward.

    Shoot the messenger, so to speak.

    •  Best source of information? (1+ / 0-)
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      Kellerman refused to release any of his data for four years, and what little he did not even account for whether the instrument of homicide was kept in the victim's home--you know, the central point of his paper.  On the other hand, NSDS was auditable, and to date the only complaint about it is an argument from incredulity: the unsubstantiated belief that respondents fabricated out of whole cloth the answers to 19 story questions.

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