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  •  Lack of exercise is a key point. (5+ / 0-)
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    They are being penned up like domestic animals, something we try to alleviate, even for chickens, dogs, pigs and cattle.

    You have a long list of non-academic goals.  The arts and physical education have always been an important way to encourage cooperation and teamwork, creative and personal expression, proper channeling of energy and frustration, the value of practice and patience and so on.  Academic learning cannot take place when students have not mastered or learned how to channel and control their own energy and feelings.  

    I believe Denver city schools is trying a new program of lengthening the school day, made possible by grants, to include more of the arts and physical education and to give children something constructive to do later in the day.  My understanding is that teachers will be present in relays, for lack of a better word. First shift and late shift.  Early results suggest it makes for a more productive school experience, which is hardly surprising, but it's expensive.

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