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  •  Grand daughter was worried she was getting an A- (5+ / 0-)
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    nomandates, Munchkn, a2nite, HeyMikey, kyril

    in her freshman Calculus class at IU until she discovered she had the highest average in the class.  She went on to graduate cum laude from Kelly School of Business. It took a while to get a job in this crazy sconomy, but she finally landed a top management job with a Big Box Store.  She is a beautiful blonde that is frequently asked by customers to send out the "real" manager to talk with them.  

    •  the "real doctor" (5+ / 0-)
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      nomandates, Munchkn, HeyMikey, drmah, kyril

      I went to medical school in the early 1980's. Patients would sometimes reject the senior physician if it happened to be a woman and ask for the "real doctor". Typically, a male med student with much less experience was then sent in. The senior physician was still supervising, but the patient sort of shot themselves in the foot when they did that.

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