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View Diary: Veteran Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin to retire after the 2014 elections (287 comments)

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    considering he was running against a well-liked former 4 term governor in 2010. Culver probably has the best name recognition, and plenty of experience running statewide, having run statewide 4 times, winning 3 of those races, and coming from a famous Iowa political family. His brand has probably improved as well, as a lot of his tepid approval ratings in 2010 didn't have a whole lot to do with him personally. But his approval ratings were at times pretty bad.

    But post-election polls from PPP in 2011 showed Branstad suffering from the same political environment and languishing in popularity, with Culver doing much better in hypothetical rematches for Governor. It really was the environment and the gay marriage ruling that hit him hard. At one point in 2008, Culver had a 60% approval rating. It's just hard to see any specific things that really damaged him. He's likely the best candidate, unless he runs for Governor and Braley runs for Senate.

    He should be one of the top people the DGA and DSCC are recruiting right now, regardless.

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    by ArkDem14 on Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 03:12:26 PM PST

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      Thanks for that in-depth explanation.  I'm sorry to be so argumentative about this.  I'm just frustrated with some of the talk going on with other open seats like MA-Sen.  Sometimes I think people confuse "the candidate I would prefer" with "our best candidate."

      However, this clearly isn't the case here.  I definitely see, after that explanation, why we should be looking at Culver.

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