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    But a warning to letter seekers- not everyone subscribes to this philosophy. I have read letters that were totally useless and even a few that trashed the person. Check the reputation of the letter-writer before asking. Your fellow students will know who you shouldn't ask.

    Generally you are better off with a professor from an small upper-level class who might actually remember you rather than someone who lectured to 300 students in an introductory class. A letter that says that "X did well in my class and scored in the top 5%" is useless. We can read transcripts.

    Sometimes the hardass who never gives anyone an A is the best reference. If you worked your butt off and managed to get a B maybe you earned some respect. On the other hand, someone who gives out all As may not give a damn.

    In grad school my wife started out working for the cool guy everybody loved, but he was totally unhelpful. When she talked to the department chair, who terrifed all the students, he offered to be her advisor. He turned out to be a great advocate for her. Don't mistake low standards for sympathy.

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