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  •  Lifetime Democrat, too (11+ / 0-)

    Ask any black player of the era -- Mays, Aaron, Gibson...Stan did more to accept them, and to make them feel at ease, than almost anyone.

    Stan's daughter said that sometimes, they would have to wait a full hour at places so that Stan could make sure and sign an autograph for everyone that wanted one.

    In the minor leagues, Stan was a pitcher, but took a fall and destroyed his pitching shoulder.  A coach, Dickie Kerr, actually took Stan, his wife, and young child into their home while Stan tried to make the adjustment to the outfield.  Many years later, Stan repaid his kindness by buying Kerr a house.

    If Stan was eating dinner somewhere, and found out it was someone in the restaurant's birthday, especially a kid, he would go over to the table and play "Happy Birthday" for them on his harmonica.

    He was that kind of guy - many say he was easily the most approachable superstar in ANY sport in American history.  Oh, all this, and easily a top-10 player, all-time, in the history of the game.

    If you ever think that all athletes are spoiled, selfish, uncaring jerks, and always have been, do some reading about Stan.  Simply put, he was as good as it gets.

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