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    I have been waiting all day to read this diary as I wanted to savor it in solitude. Outstanding and fascinating information regarding the importance of salt in the formation of this area. I just re-read Desert Solitaire last year and realized how much I had missed the first time. I could just see Abbey in his little camper and feel his passion for these areas. Would have loved to meet him. Thank you again for this diary and look forward to tomorrow's. Our time in Arches NP was long ago and not long enough. Hopefully, we can go there again more informed and appreciative of it.

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      wynative and relive the experience and read, again, Abbey's tome. LIke you, and so many, many others, I was thoroughly enthralled, and I might as well say, hypnotized about the scenery he described, starting here in the park. Back then, 1969, I had no experience with the like. In a way, I owe so much to the man and his eco-bible that led me there. I can't exactly call him Moses of the Southwest, but he was a leader and he knew how to part the sea of apathy and disrespect for rapacious development throughout the Southwest. I mean, at least he spawned an eco awareness that pretty much gathered a flock of supporters. I'm one. Thanks, as always, for posting your commentary. Glad you enjoyed the solitude, as well. See you on today's hiking sequel of the park, and it should be ready to go around 8:30 or 9; adding the finishing touches as I write this.

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      by richholtzin on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 05:58:56 AM PST

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