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  •  Watched some of Gordon Ramsey in Prison series (0+ / 0-)

    today and was struck by his worldview, namely that the prisoners have it cushy since they had 5 menu items per day.  Also a bit painful to watch him lecture the felons on how his brother is a heroin addict and his father an alcoholic but he managed to rise from dishwasher to his present position in the world.

    Only problem is presenting his life story as a viable career path for felons.  Can't speak for GB but a paroled felon in the US would have difficulty finding a dishwashing position. Also, not every dishwasher becomes a world famous chef; having Ramsey rag out the cons for pinching food from the kitchen such as an onion and peppers shows he has little concept of the prison culture.  Dunno yet but as a reality show, this one is a bit rough with its presuppositions

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