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View Diary: Glenn Greenwald Responds to Widespread Lies About Him (on Cato, Iraq War, and more) (563 comments)

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    •  Glenn is great, but probably wasted his (20+ / 0-)

      writing talent trying to persuade morons these silly rumors were false.

      Most of the people on dkos who have a "problem" with Greenwald, have it because he is not afraid to criticize Democrats when they are wrong.  Including Obama.  And that is simply forbidden in the eyes of some people around here.

      Glenn is an American who believes passionately in the US Constitution, and fiercely defends the "small d" democracy our founders imagined could evolve on a a continent where everyone was treated equally under the law.  

      He's my kind of "liberal/leftist," and his voice is sorely missed on dkos, where he once was a frequent contributor.  

      •  oh for fuck's sake. why do i have to explain this? (0+ / 0-)

        i have been a Democrat since 2006.  before that i didn't vote, because i thought it didn't make any difference.  i thought that all politicians were basically the same.  but after 6 years of Bush Jr i realized that it makes all the difference in the world.   and once i started diving into politics i realized that it literally makes all the difference in the world.

        the other thing i realized is that some of the activist base of both parties were out of touch with practical reality.  currently, the right is testing the limits of being out of touch with practical reality (and just plain reality), but the some of the left is out of touch as well.

        in particular, the fierce critics who don't just criticize democrats they SKEWER them.  criticism is supposed to instructive and constructive, but the criticism from these fierce critics is calibrated to eviscerate democrats.

        you think that some people on dkos are afraid to criticize democrats.  you are completely wrong about that.  they are afraid of destroying democrats.  

        the 2008 primary went all the way to the last election and  the differences between Obama and Clinton were so narrow the competition between them became about religion and race and it threatened to do so much damage to both candidates that neither one of them might have been electable if they didn't stop.

        and then what?  we would have had VP Sarah Palin, a full blown depression and none of the progress made in the last 4 years.  

        people on daily kos aren't afraid to criticize democrats.  they are afraid of destroying democrats and being left with republicans to take their place.  racist, sexist, bigoted, fundamentalist, science haters who want to turn back the clock in this country to the 1850s.

        it's always good to be critical in a constructive and instructive way.  but if you are going to be critical in a way that destroys a democrat, then you better be fucking sure that you are ready to be destroyed with them and ready to accept responsibility for everyone else who will be destroyed with you.

        i don't know if Glen even gives a fuck who else gets destroyed if he destroys a democrat.  he's like a drone blogger.  he flies by and drops his bomb and then heads back home without a scratch and without having to see any of his collateral damage.

        Wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?

        by AntonBursch on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 12:04:28 AM PST

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        •  "he's like a drone blogger." (19+ / 0-)

          That's seriously among the most hilarious things I've ever seen written about Glenn anywhere. No really. I honestly laughed out loud when I saw it. I hope he adopts that as his nickname.

          Who knew we bloggers had such immense power to destroy an entire political party? And all this time I thought we were useless losers hanging out in our parents' basements. But whatever. I guess if the Democrats are so fragile that liberal bloggers can destroy them just by saying mean things about them, then they must have no chance against the Republicans, who spend far more time, money, effort, and resources attacking and skewering Democrats than all liberal bloggers combined.

          And let's not forget these two self-evident truths:

          1. When America goes to the polls, they're not primarily concerned about the issues, or how the candidates have performed on them, or how the economy is going, or how they feel Washington policy affects their lives and others -- they care mostly that someone on the internet said something nasty. Or something.

          2. When a politician loses, it had nothing to do with him or her, or their performance in office. It had everything to do with bloggers. Blame them.

          I'll let Gle-...I'm sorry, the Drone Blogger, finish this comment for me:

          One day, maybe Barack Obama will acquire the immense power wielded by bloggers so that he, too, can shape election outcomes.
          •  I didn't know I had so much power (6+ / 0-)

            Maybe I should start exerting it.   I understood after Kerry let the other side define the 2004 election that I would face 4 more years of basic inability to do much of anything about a series of political developments that I abhorred.  I had a very different feeling after the 2008 election, which is why seeing existing approaches to executive power and civil liberties largely continued since then has been so distressing.

            Some men see things as they are and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not?

            by RFK Lives on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 06:41:34 AM PST

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          •  LOL! I remember once someone commented that I (3+ / 0-)
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            cap76, slinkerwink, SuperBowlXX

            probably was still in my pjs typing away on the computer, which is a variation of hanging out in my parents' basement, and I was still in my pjs!

            Another time, someone commented on how my house was probably a mess with a sink full of dirty dishes, and it was!

            Scads of times, people commented that no one was reading what I was writing and that I was wasting my time.

            So, it's funny when they tell us that we "losers" have the wherewithal to destroy the Democratic party.  

            Information is the currency of democracy. ~Thomas Jefferson

            by CIndyCasella on Thu Jan 31, 2013 at 08:13:33 AM PST

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      •  There are specifics on which I very much disagree (3+ / 0-)
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        WuChier, vcmvo2, CIndyCasella

        with him. I think he's a great advocate for many causes I support, but that doesn't mean I have to blankety support him. It's not either/or. I think the Citizens United decision was atrocious. There's nothing moronic about that. I'm not a blind authoritarian, and I think it would be pretty moronic if I were.

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