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View Diary: Fusion Microchips - Power for the Future? (20 comments)

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    ... that's why I linked it.  The IEEE article, true, doesn't mention fusion.  The inventors' patent application, on the other hand, is all about nuclear fusion applications.  There's no question what they're aiming at.

    I knew I was going to get this off-the-cuff objection based on just the IEEE article, sheesh... people please read first, then yap your yapper.  OK?

    •  Patents are often full of crap (0+ / 0-)

      The USPTO is full of applications for perpetual motion machines, even though they're not patentable.  Often the patent is granted -- the perpetual motion aspect is obscured in the wording.

      There's nothing in the proposed technology that has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with nuclear fusion!  The Spectrum editors figured that out.  You may imagine that somehow a chip can achieve tera-eletron-volt power somehow, but that's not proposed.  Getting a car to go 60 MPH is one thing; getting something to go 60,000 MPH is something else.  Hence the term "rocket science". We've got a cute new little red wagon here, not a rocket.

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