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View Diary: Republicans Are Happy With California Governor Jerry Brown (65 comments)

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  •  Who was it that jacked up taxes on the rich in CA? (14+ / 0-)

    The income tax increase that saved us from worse cuts went through because JB is a better politician than you or I. More democrats got elected in CA because he kept the party sounding more rational than the teathuglicans.  The decrease in revenue in this state was real and needed to be dealt without the funhouse mirrors of past budgets. If this state was as progressive as this web site, we would have never elected Schwartzenegger or Wilson.  Or Feinstein, for that matter.

    Point is, JB did not campaign saying he could fund everything that should be funded.  The revenue is just not there. But he did more than anyone else to get the funding we have.

    •  He jacked up taxes on the middle class and poor (1+ / 0-)
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      because he insisted on raising sales tax.
      There was a better proposition on the ballot and Brown used his connections kill it. It didn't raise the sales tax and it brought in additional revenues.
      Brown is better than Wilson but we deserve better than Brown.

    •  He raised taxes on the poor, hitting them (1+ / 0-)
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      with extremely regressive sales taxes, while slashing services.

      Wilson is ancient history, elected by what was effectively a different state.  We have completely changed our demographics since then.

      More Democrats got elected because people want Democrats in office.  They didn't get elected running about Republican Lite bullshit, they got elected on minimum wage hikes and college aid and health care and jobs, jobs, jobs.

      No credible Democrat would have lost in 2010.  We easily could have elected an actual Progressive, but the State Party Machine made it clear that anyone who ran against the New Democrat version of Brown would be ending their career.

      "I have often seen people uncivil by too much civility, and tiresome in their courtesy." Michel de Montaigne

      by JesseCW on Mon Jan 28, 2013 at 12:00:59 AM PST

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