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  •  Eggowar, I lived for over a year on the Staten (2+ / 0-)
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    Island coast smack in the way of the 14 foot storm surge that came ashore with Sandy.  I've spoken to friends who had floodwaters come to the edge of their property which was zone C (it flooded first A, then B, then some areas of C) and I've been back to look at the reconstruction efforts since then.  One hurricane was on track to hit NY when I lived there but it went a different direction.  I've also lived on Padre Island - a barrier island in Texas, lived through a hurricane in Houston, and lived in San Francisco where I worked for the SBA office helping put the Bay Area back together again after the Loma Prieta earthquake.  One of my responsibilities was flood mapping for which homes were going to need federal flood insurance and which didn't.  You don't get to call me out.

    I didn't say to kill off the port cities - making up words to put into my mouth is unbecoming.  I do favor not insuring people against willfully doing something that puts them in harm's way when maps, science and reasoned thought says that it's a money-loser.  Especially people who have expensive properties on coasts where their actions help to erode Mother Nature's natural protections against damage, like eroding dunes, dredging out channels to help water flow inland and getting rid of mangrove swamps just to open up the coast for development.

    I didn't say to end insurance for all without any kind of carrot to help them move.  I didn't say to abandon people, which is what you seem to imply.  I do understand how goods move and are imported.  I never ever said to get rid of infrastructure like ports, rail lines and roads that are in low-lying areas.  I just advocated moving out the residential areas so people aren't flooded out and lives are lost.  

    If you go back and read (and comprehend) what I wrote, I talked about moving people out who are in zones more likely to be flooded than every 100 years.  Well, enough protesting - if you understand my position, this will be enough.  If not, if you want to keep people in harm's way and keep paying over and over again for that, we're just going to disagree.

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