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View Diary: This chart will make filibuster reformers feel optimistic (100 comments)

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  •  I greatly appreciate your hard work but.. (3+ / 0-)
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    I think you make a lot of assumptions in this post.

    1) You assume a level playing field. If we lose the senate in 2014, which we may, I have zero doubts McConnell and gang will not move to completely remove it or so neuter it it is next to useless

    2) When in the minority, Dems "keep their powder dry" - meaning they won't use it, in fact under use it, so it will not be the subject of discussion for 1 congress or more

    3) I'm not so sure about the list. From what I read, Claire McGaskill was not a huge supporter. And as we see, add-ons like Manchin are against it. Yes, the older generation Dems may not like a talking filibuster for other reasons, but a new generation of Dems will likely oppose it for other reasons. Go talk to Heidi Heitkamp in a couple years - whisper in her ear that she is supporting the "Obama dictatorship", taking tools away from the minority, we'll see.

    4) Most of these senators opposed intend to go for another term or more. So even if we retain the senate, the will may not be there for a long time to come.

    The fact is, this is not Obamacare, where there had to be massive interfacing with the real world - providers etc. It meant dealing with an arcane tradition that is now horribly abused. The idea that we had to stop this practice that kept the senate from hardly functioning at all to total shut-down is like telling somebody that he/she should accept his/her partner hitting him/her in the mouth because, gee, they could KILL him/her.

    We see what happens when Repubs are given gentlemen's agreements. They are exploiting another arcane rule, the Electoral College, to dismantle our democracy.

    Sometimes you have to act bold and quickly or you will not see results for a long time. I do not see us being a step closer to filibuster reform in years to come, when we likely have a much smaller, if any, majority in the senate.

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