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View Diary: On Mars: Getting Ready to Drill, Baby, Drill (7 comments)

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  •  I will keep watching for that report. (5+ / 0-)

    Thanks for keeping us posted.

    I thought you would like this update on Opportunity.

    No "amnesia" events with the Flash file system have occurred since Sol 3183 (Jan. 6, 2013), and the rover is otherwise in good health.

    On Sol 3195 (Jan. 18, 2013), a small dust-clearing event occurred, improving solar array energy production slightly.

    As of Sol 3199 (Jan. 22, 2013), the solar array energy production was 540 watt-hours with an atmospheric opacity (Tau) of 1.11 and an improved solar array dust factor of 0.651.

    Total odometry is 22.03 miles (35455.34 meters).

    It has reached 3114 sols past 'warranty'.

    Predicting is hard...especially the future. ~ Y. Berra

    by jim in IA on Sun Jan 27, 2013 at 04:30:54 PM PST

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