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  •  They took pride (4+ / 0-)

    But in an altogether sort of thing. Their arms were cumbersome and slow. Hell, the bullet hadn't even beem invented yet. The founders couldn't have conceived of the weaponry we have now, and the destruction they are capable of.

    The founders were also men of ideas. They were not afraid to change their minds. This fact is emblematic in the Constitutional document they created with it's ability to change with time.

    They conceived of the second amendment in an are very much different from ours. I don't think they would have minded a few modifications to keep up with our times. Hell, you can't go out and buy a Thompson machine gun and for very good reason. Their use was slaughtering our police. When they were outlawed, violent gun crime dropped.

    •  Bullets predate firearms (1+ / 0-)
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      they are a simple thing.

      Yeah, they probably would have really enjoyed our modern day firearms. Lightweight and durable. In fact, if they had had the ability, I'm sure that they would have acquired what some here would characterize as "an arsenal."

      I think the only reason they put gun rights in the Constitution - because at that time it should have been patently obvious that the individual had the right to bear arms - was the recent attempt by the British to infringe upon them.

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