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    •  That's a gorgeous deep red, Agathena (5+ / 0-)

      I hope that the canna bulbs I planted last summer come up this year.  They didn't come up after I planted them.

      And I still have some spring and summer bulbs sitting in the garage that I have not planted yet.  (Don't tell danceyoumonster that I haven't done it yet!)  I hope I am going to still be able to get them in and get away with it.  I wonder if the ground will have thawed enough yesterday and today that I'd be able to sneak some of them in today.  Instead of looking at this as a big project, I should think of it as several small ones and then maybe I'll get it done.  If I don't I will be very disappointed in myself and I'll feel so guilty. I have some really nice potential flowers in those bulbs.

      I'd also love to play around with forcing bulbs indoors though I've never done it before.  When we were in NC, in the supermarket of all places, they had some forced bulbs in glass vases. No soil, just water.  The vases were thin at the top and wider at the bottom, filled with water.  The bulb sat on the top over the thinner part and the roots reached down into the water and they were blooming (hyacinths).  Wonder if I could try that with one of the iris bulbs.

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      by joanneleon on Wed Jan 30, 2013 at 05:48:40 AM PST

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