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View Diary: Think of a moment that entirely changed your life but you had no idea it was happening. (45 comments)

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  •  Theologian Leonard Sweet teaches of a "paradigm (4+ / 0-)

    shift," for this moment of no-going back--a point from which nothing feels the same again.  I think we all felt it after Newtown.  The entire arguement about guns shifted to emphasize the victims caught by the shooter defined by his guns-of-mass-destruction.

    Somethimes in our own lives the shift may be more subtle.  My physican has been naggeg me for awhille to lose 10 ###s or be threatened into taking insulin.  One day I finally woke up to hear him.  It wasn't a dramatic illness, but just a general feeling of "blah." Then the weight loss paradign was automatic and not nearly as painful as I imagined.  Blood sugar numbers have stayed in the correct range and I feel enough better to not want to go back to the old paradign.

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